Hangovers suck :(

Well well. If it isnt my old enemy, Mr Hangover. I thought i wasn’t going to see you again for a while. O how you torment me with your headaches, sore eyes, and acute hearing. So what does my dad do as punishment for having Mr Hangover around today. Starts mowing the lawn right next to my window for half an hour, then keeps opening and closing my door. Bastard 🙁

The hangover was thoroughly earned though. Last night was Dan & Scott’s engagement party. It was a glorious night. Most of the time in a beer garden type atmosphere, having a few drinks (few to many!) with friends and just enjoying the summer life. Before you knew it, it was dark, the strippers were making their way into velvet cigar (and some of them were pretty good) and the beer was ice cold. The company was excellent and it lead to a great night. However I somehow managed to make my way to a taxi (im quite suprised since i was MAJORLY drunk) even without the benefit of being able to walk properly.

I have to admit that i wasn’t expecting much of a night. I had an invitation to go to the valley and thought that i might actually go out with the others, however I just couldn’t make myself leave, I was having to much fun. It will be crap to see Scott & Dan leave for melbourne because they know how to put on a party and are the two nicest people i know! It will be shit to see them go.

Wednesday night will probably be another big night. Still tossing up if I should drink (being that its a work function, I probably won’t) as I am actually hosting and organising the next star night. This one should hopefully go off without a hitch. Big night though with a Hawaiian theme so need to practice on my ucalale before wednesday night.