Ive been so lazy lately and not posting…. i dont want to be one of those people that only updates their blog like once a month if at all!!!!

Things have been pretty boring lately just work work work work and more work. I do have easter coming up tommorrow but i’m working easter saturday (yay?). I have spent a bucket load of money this week. Tuesday i had to get my car serviced so that was $260. Then i found out i was given $200 for easter and my brain has instantly gone “GET YOUR CAMERA BAG.” I’ve been drooling over this new camera bag for when im travelling. It’s a Crumpler backpack. So i went into the city yesterday and i bought it. Best bag I own. Nice and big with plenty of room but also heaps of protection for the camera. Only $290 though 😐 One thing i did notice is all of my crumpler bags bar one are pretty much the same Oatmeal and Orange Colour… maybe i just like that colour :/

It’s great to meet new people and even better when they share one of your passions. We shall see how things go but i might post about that another day when things work out a bit more…. you know who i’m talking about 😉

Work calls (sadly) so i should probably get ready…. can someone call in sick for me? Maybe tell them that my head exploded? no.. My kidneys failed.. wait to bad… My Ass exploded!… wait not serious enough….. ahh bugger it ill just go to work