Trip Report – Summer Grand Tour: Back to Ontario

Friday 30th June 2017

After winding our way out of Downtown Las Vegas we hit the freeway out of town. We made a brief stop to pick up a house warming gift for Heidi’s best friend but after that it was all freeway, all the time! We made pretty good time, traffic was heavyish but not horrible. We took a brief stop in Baker at the Alien Fresh Jerky (made from the best abducted cows!) to check it out (since we had seen so many signs and heard about it on the radio). It was pretty interesting and very very crowded.

Back on the road through to Ontario and it was fairly non eventful. We didn’t even have to stop for the agricultural check point, although I thought they would. We hit some bad traffic just outside Ontario/San Bernadino thanks to a few accidents and we were almost in one ourselves due to the fact that a water tank was lying in the middle of the freeway. Ugh!

The rest of our day was not that exciting. We visited Heidi’s best friends new house and I was sent off to check in on my own. We were staying at the same hotel we had stopped at almost a week before. This time we were staying for 2 nights and we had upgraded to a suite, since it was only $10 a night extra.

Saturday 1st July 2017

Again another non eventful day, more time spent at the friends house, but with a few moments of fun. Heidi enjoyed the fact that we were going to the recycling center to return the plastic bottles we had accumulated. All for $1.72 in refund… o yay! We also took over some time babysitting one of the kids so that Heidi’s best friend could move in a bit easier and get stuff set up. We took little Kora to the Chick Fil A for lunch and some time in the playground, then some time spent by, and in, the pool.

We finished off the night by having dinner at a local Korean BBQ place. It was all you can eat which isn’t a bad thing. It means you can pick and choose the meats you want, rather than having set plates. So much easier and it doesn’t always require you to go overboard on the food, it just means you have what you want. We had some very, very tasty stuff. O they also had Macaroons with Ice Cream in the middle…. they were delicious.