Ugh, it has been a rough few weeks. As the trip to Australia gets closer and closer, normally I would be super excited for the trip. But right now I am feeling the opposite. Each day it gets closer I get excited that I will get to see my family, my friends and introduce everyone to Heidi. But then I get smacked with the feeling of homesickness. I want to see my friends and family so bad. It has been over 4 years since I have seen a lot of my friends and about 3 years since I have seen my own family (at least mum and dad, others longer).

I really shouldn’t be getting this feeling, my life is over here now and I love it. I don’t regret leaving but each and every time someone asks me how long I have been here in the USA, asking if I miss home, well that doesn’t help. I just want to see my friends, speak to them, hug them and I can’t 🙁

I know that things will be worse when I leave Brisbane as I will have the feeling that I don’t want to leave them but is it better to just suck it up and keep moving, or do I decide to just not do that to myself in the future? I know I can’t do that because I want Heidi to experience Australia, and all that it has to offer. But I also don’t want to put myself through so much pain every time.

Maybe it is just that time I need to suck it up and stay excited about the trip and not think about the other stuff. Still hurts though!