i use it way to much

Epic… Its a word I use quite often, frankly to much really. But it has been a good week to use the word epic. I saw Dark Knight on Wednesday night, and that my friends is a movie that deserves the word. But what was also Epic was the race last week on Top Gear. Wait im using it to much again…

Anyway back to Dark Knight. Such a brilliant movie. Now I was not expecting much going in. I mean look at Batman Returns or Spiderman 2 or any other Sequel to a big movie. Usually pretty lame. But this was great. The acting was brilliant, the suspense was continuous, many a time during the movie was I thinking, wow what an ending, for it to continue… fantastic!

I have to admit with all the media attention coming up to the release about Heath Ledger this and Heath Ledger that, he did well. His take on the Joker was pretty good to me. His laugh reminded me so much of Jack Nicholson BUT his potrayal was nothing like it. It was like the comics, dark, sinister and very very evil. Loved IT!

anyway some big weekends coming up, Not long till my birthday (like 10 days i think) but I have a weekend down the coast first which should give me some enjoyment for what is usually one of the crappiest days of the year for me (i never have a good birthday). Also have the Ekka a short while away and I still wanna know how my photos went!

anyway Game is starting. Might throw some funny pics up here tomoz after tommorrow nights stupidity 😀