the warmth!

I can understand why the mexicans down south (reffering to the victorians) head north during winter. Cairns was AWESOME! 27 degrees during the day, the warmth was bliss. Got to laze about in the sun, on the beach (well i didnt, the others did, i just stood around taking photos). But it was so good! I loved it. Driving the tarago wasn’t to bad!

Took max with me so he got a lot of photos taken. Check out the photos section and you will see some good ones.

But tonight I have found my weakness. Its cheap DVD’s. I seriously have a problem. I just saw all the dvds I own, and its WAY to many. I have half filled my 1 metre high dvd rack, i now have the back half to go. BTW the front probably holds about 80-100 dvds cases. I just bought the following tonight for $204

Season 1,2,3,4 Macgyver
Season 1 The Unit
Season 1 Entourage
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
The Recruit
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
The Simpsons Movie
Remember the Titans

Pretty good bargain considering the Macgyver Seasons are 6 dvds each. The only thing i wanted was The Unit season 2 and then i would focus on Entourage later. Not a bad haul really. Now to worry about working some more to recover those costs!