Winter Has Arrived…

Dear god its cold. I am sitting here at 9:30 at night almost shivering its so damn cold. Tonight as I sat on the station almost a frozen solid block I thought back to the last time it was this cold, and its been a while.

Last year it was not that cold, but I have a feeling this year will be. Its only early july and we still have that bitter cold of the Ekka to come. How damn cold every year the ekka is. You sit at night in the stands wanting to just die from the cold, hanging onto a warm coffee or guzzling down a dagwood dog to stay warm, but you dont care because thats how it should be.

Well at the moment, I want the ekka to be here cause it feels that cold at the moment. The westerlies were up tonight, and it was bitterly cold. It might have been mother nature telling me something. Me I thought it was karma for something. The one day i wear a long sleeve shirt, and think to myself, I wont need the big jacket today ill just wear the vest.

IDIOT!!!! It was so so cold. But i guess you have realised that since this whole post you have read has been one big whinge about the cold.

But HELLO CAIRNS! 25 degree warmth during the day. O I CANT WAIT!