*cough* *sniffle* *splurt* *die*

Well looks like I am sick again. Thank you michelle 😛 (thats my team leader at work). I am blaming her cause she is currently sick so thats good enough. Although I could blame a few others at work but not quite sure if they were actually sick, so can’t prove it.

With sickness comes me infront of the computer catching up on tv shows for hours and hours and in saying that I have finished off like the last half of the first season of Knight Rider (finally) and also watched again the first episode of the Knight Rider remake. Such an awesome show. I need to get more. The original Knight Rider was resplendant with bad acting and crappy plots but who cares! It has KITT.

Also I think I have my holiday problem solved. I will just go EVERYWHERE!! no seriously. Depending on how much time i can manage to get off. Current plan is one of the following:

A) Round the World trip – 2-3 Months – Start in Aus > Head West to europe > Time in London, Scotland, Eurostar to France, Stay at the Paris Hilton *chuckle*, Time in Normandy doing some tours with Battlebus (french tour company focusing on war tours), Train to Berlin, exploring Berlin focusing on the cold war stuff etc (berlin wall, check point charlie etc). Fly to states, Either DC or New York), Couple of days in New York, Grand Northern Tour with Contiki, New York to LA, Then North to Seattle to check out the Boeing facilities, then a Week with my old friend Warren in Alberta, Hawaii and then home.

B) Everything from New York onwards is the 2nd option pending time.

So yes those are my plans and hopefully it will go well. Just need to work out times and how much leave i can scrounge!