where to?

So lately i have been a little all over the place. my brain has been focusing on work and then while trying to arrange thing i have been so confused. i am at a place where i know where i want to be career wise, but my personal life and my desires are just confusing.

Love life aside cause i sure as hell don’t talk about that on here! but i can’t make up my mind on one big thing. Where the hell do I travel to? I love to travel? But i have no clue what to do. I am quite up in the air of where I wanna go. I can’t work out what I wanna do either. I want to travel to some places but then I can’t make up my mind when to go, or what really to do.

I really wish i could find some guidance on this. I just can’t make up my mind.

A few of the possibilities.

1. Europe – Hitting up London, Scotland, France, maybe Germany.
2. USA & Canada – need at least 6 weeks at minimum.
3. Perth & WA – Wanna see margaret River, Gibb River Road etc
4. NZ – North or South Island not sure.

Out of those I really don’t know. They all appeal and they all have their downsides. $$ is not an issue, just time and when and appeal.

So if anyone has an idea on how to help me…. let me know