Trip Report: Labor Day Follies – Introduction

Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Seattle to Dayton
Part 3 – Dayton
Part 4 – National Museum of the United States Air Force
Part 5 – Dayton to Seattle
Part 6 – Conclusion

So it’s the labour day weekend, what to do, what to do. I could of gone to Vegas like everyone else. Hell almost 5 years ago I was visiting vegas on the Labour Day weekend, would i do it again?? Nah. I looked at so many different options for the Long Weekend. Flying to the Caribbean, Flying to Colorado on a Mileage Run, visiting some friends in San Diego.. in the end I settled on flying to Dayton, Ohio.

Why Dayton? Where the hell is Dayton? What the hell is wrong with you? These are all questions I can guarantee are going through your head the very second you read that sentence. Well one reason. The US Air Force Museum. Home of the Official museum of the United States Air Force and has some epic exhibits not found anywhere else, like the B-29 that dropped the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki (Boxxcar), The XB-70 and many more!

I have always wanted to visit as it has so many awesome places, and the fares were so cheap as well! In the end I could turn this into a mini milage run and tick a place off my list. After spending hours and hours on Kayak and and ITA to get the best routing possible, I ended up with this:

Dayton United Trip Map

01st September – UA1449 – Seattle to San Francisco
01st September – UA1183 – San Francisco to Cleveland
01st September – UA5282 – Cleveland to Dayton
03rd September – UA5766 – Dayton to Washington: Dulles
03rd September – UA194 – Washington: Dulles to Seattle

Now I purposefully chose so many flights for a few reasons:

1. Miles – this was the most miles earning combination i could get that wasn’t to horrible (although still requires 3am wake up on the 1st)
2. 2 New Airports – Dayton & Cleveland
3. 2 New Aircraft – CRJ-200 from Cleveland to Dayton & And ERJ-145 from Dayton to Dulles
4. The Hell of it

With the flights locked in, it was then a matter of organising the Car to get around and where to stay. The hotel booking on its own was rough as there isnt any stand out hotels or anything in Dayton and checking through all my rates that I could access there was no one clear winner. In the end, I chose a hotel brand I hadn’t stayed at and the price was pretty good.

In the end i managed to choose the Residence Inn Dayton North and with a cheap 2 day car rental with National, i am all set 😀

Looking forward to spending the day on Saturday flying across the country (hopefully getting some Channel 9 action), but also wanting to see if I can get myself a bump. Ive checked the loads on the flights and looks like my San Fran to Cleveland flight is all oversold! o0o0o0o joys!