Book Review: Sloppy Seconds

Not the most appropriate of titles but for this book, but why would I expect anything different from this author.

Sloppy Seconds

The book is Sloppy Seconds by Tucker Max. Yes another Tucker Max book but this is his last book.

This time it’s only a very short book so that means a short review.  To be honest I wasn’t going to do a review but I figured I have nothing else to do on the bus ride to work.

This book as the title eludes to is pretty much the leftover bits and pieces that never made it to the other books. But it starts off with a number of stories from previous books and in the beginning I almost stopped reading it because if it was just all repeats, why bother? Thankfully it wasn’t and I stuck it out.

The stories in this book are actually a little bit more shorter and some of them don’t hold as much allure as the ones in the main books, which is probably why they were left out in the first place.

A short book,  makes for quick reading but the one thing this book has going for it is that it is free. Yes free. The book is intended as a gift to the fans and hence is free on Amazon. So anyone with a Kindle account can have it… Definitely worth the cost, even if you’re bored and nothing better to read, I mean seriously why wouldn’t you… what have you got to lose.