Book Review: Hilarity Ensues

Another book by the wayside, not as quickly this time

Hilarity Ensues

The book is #3 of the Tucker Max series of books. It is Hilarity Ensues. Almost the close out of the series. There is still one last small book to go after this.

If you have seen my reviews of the Tucker Max books before or have read them yourself you know exactly what this book is about. Drinking, partying, sex and stupidity.

This book doesn’t disappoint if you are after a book that is full of socially unacceptable actions, lewd behavior and bad decisions. Sounds good to me! But this is meant to be the last real book in the series unfortunately. It’s coming to an end. But not without some good laughs.

Numerous times I have thought to myself this is not the best book to read on the bus, cause I was trying hard to hold back the laughs or the amazement at some stupid act. I did struggle a few times with controlling myself but I somehow managed.

One thing I did learn from this book is the term “Fratire”. Obviously a play on Satire and/or Frat boy antics. I had never heard the term before but it definitely fits. Definitely feels more appropriate than any other way to describe this book that’s for sure.

If you are in the need of a light hearted read, with some entertainment at other people’s expense or even just a laugh to cheer you up. This is the book for you. Kind of sad to see it all coming to an end 🙁