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So I have been meaning to review this product for quite some time but only been able to do it now cause for some crazy reason it dissapeared for a while. One day while out doing my weekly grcoery shop I came across the craziest thing. I saw some ice cream that claimed 150 Calories. When I saw it as I was walking past I was like “that’s probably per serve, whatever, why even put that there”. But for some reason I took a second look. It claims its the entire Pint of ice cream for that amount of calories. So I did a bit of research online into it and it was legit. So I figured next time I am at the shops doing a buy, I will get some and try it out. Went back the next week… GONE! Recalled for some reason for a packaging problem. I didn’t see it for weeks on end. Till the other night when I was at the shops. I quickly grabbed some and put it in the freezer till last night.

From Expat Life

Now the stuff I read online was a bit of a mixed bag in reviews but to be honest, I wasn’t going to complain. I was going try it out and make my own opinion. I grabbed the “Cookies & Cream” flavour figuring that would be the safest bet. They have other flavours including Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate and Vanilla Maple (and apparently pumpkin at certain times of the year). But if you check out the below photo. It doesn’t really look like what you would expect. Certainly doesn’t look like any other Cookies and Cream i’ve ever eaten before. The taste was ok I guess, nothing really all that over the top, not mind blowing. It was the texture that was just not right to me. I definately wouldn’t call this ice cream at all, probably why its a “frozen dessert”. It had a texture more like an Ice Block mixed with Ice Cream, kind of hard to explain but definately was not Ice Cream like at all.

From Expat Life

It was an ok Treat. Definately for those times when you want something but don’t want to feel bad eating it. For 150 calories (which is about 1.5 snacks for me) I didn’t feel guilty eating the whole pint, had that been ice cream at around 1000 calories for the pint, yeah thats a whole other story. But it wouldn’t be something I would go out of my way to get. Plus its $5.30 PER PINT! That’s almost double the cost of a Ben & Jerrys pint or even a Quart (litre) of ice cream of the normal brands. Its REALLY expensive, and something I probably won’t have all that often, But at least I know there is something out there that I can have without feeling guilty for those times when I just want to have some ice cream and not “have some ice cream”… if you know what I mean.


  1. Hey noticed it says both Lactose & Gluten Free; which also makes it weird, given it’s “Cookies ‘n’ Cream”. But handy for those of us needing to avoid such things….’specially when you get a craving for a cookie (or at least the taste of a cookie)!

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