Day 8/11

My god it feels like i haven’t rested in weeks. The weekend was rough. Trains were not running properly so work became a nightmare with late staff, pissed off customers and me having to start work an hour and a half early. So saturday i worked 430pm till 11pm. Woke up an hour late on Sunday so that stopped me from watching Battlestar before i went to work. Again the trains were screwing up so i drove to work, parked in the city and walked up to Work. This time working 1130-430pm. Same deal, late staff, pissed off customers.

Why can the QR staff get away with it. They have been fucking Brisbane over for 5 days now, running trains when they want to, doing things when they feel like it, and no one does anything!!! I’m so frustrated and with a week of earlies this week i have to drive in to make sure that i do make it in time to work and that costs me a fortune in parking.

But at least on friday i get a chance to take a rest with Krity’s wedding this weekend i can’t wait to relax. Also next week is the Avis Launch party. This is going to be a fantastic night. I missed last year’s party so im really gonna enjoy it this time. The theme this year is Heros and Superheros so i’m going as Patton. Thats right General George S Patton, Hero of WW2 the man who opened Europe for the Allies. I was trying to work out how i can do this in the cheapest fashion. Turns out Patton was known for never being afraid to hide who he was, so he always had 3 silver stars on the front of his helmet. This lead me on a hunt. A hunt for a helmet!! Would it be hard to find, would it look good…… could I pull it off………….. you will have to wait and find out…