Trip Report – A Dream Adventure Come True: Conclusion

Seattle to Frankfurt
Frankfurt Fun Times
Lufthansa First Class Terminal
Frankfurt to Newark
Newark to Seattle

It is tough being back to reality now (although not full reality as I don’t start back at work till Monday). The craziest part about the whole trip was just how easy it was to put together. I always expected that when I wanted to do my Lufthansa first class trip, I wouldn’t be able to do it, that I would never find the space. Well that was a total non event because I was able to get what I wanted, fairly close to when I wanted. Now that I am home and able to look at it all, I am so happy to have done it. Before I get to far into it though, all my photos are up:

Weekend in Frankfurt
Frankfurt Spotting

Let’s look at these pieces one by one so that I can give some comments on them really quickly. First up, Condor. I was hoping for an upgrade on Condor, but then life was not able to do that (since we had only a 3 row J class config). This did however give me a first opportunity to fly a Premium Economy product. Now unlike a lot of airlines, Condor use a standard Economy seat with more legroom for their PE service but they have upgraded amenities. This flight was actually pretty good and one of the first times in a while I have flown long haul. I didn’t have a horrible experience but it wasn’t all that great as well. It was fairly so-so. Nothing really to complain about at all.

Frankfurt, o Frankfurt. You were wonderfully relaxed and quiet. One thing my friend Clare said (and I kind of agree with) is that Frankfurt is a city you could move to. It is a city that just confused me in the fact that a Sunday would be so quiet. The city is such a large and pivotal city and yet on a Sunday it is shut down to bare essentials, if that. The hotel, the Radisson Blu Frankfurt, let’s just say that you were not my favourite and I probably wouldn’t go back again. Only if you managed to fix up a whole lot of the issues I addressed with you and you didn’t seem to care.

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal will remain as one of the main reasons I wanted to go. I wanted to explore what is reputed to be the epitome of the airline lounge. I have to say that it did not disappoint. I was in awe of this facility before I got there and I feel now that I see the draw. I see why so many people say that this is the best they have ever visited, that it is one of the best lounges in the world. The staff help make this lounge. You can have the best restaurant, the best facilities, but without the service, you have just seats. The Personal Assistants are what make this lounge fantastic. Antje really did have passion for what she did. I could see it in the way she talked, the way she spoke about what she does and why. Nothing felt like a hassle and normally I would be all excited about being in the airport lounge prior to a flight. This time though, I was totally relaxed, it was something unlike me. I was still excited but I wasn’t like the Energizer bunny. Considering that I will be doing something similar in life now, it has given me an insight to show that a passion for this kind of work really can make someones day and make their time feel even more special. Mine certainly did!

The flight on Lufthansa itself though, I can’t put in words how amazing that experience was. I feel like I was doted on by the two flight attendants. Kira and Oezlem, you both deserve recognition for what you did. I know that you both were just doing what you do, but you made me feel like the experience was worth it. I had an amazing time on this flight and enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing that i can complain about is that the flight was not long enough, add a few hours to it and I would have been happy. I want to fly it again! The 747-8i was also an amazing aircraft. I loved sitting right in the nose as I felt like I was the first person to do anything on that plane and I was happy to be able to tick off another new model to my list.

Coming home to Seattle on United was like going back to reality. I came home to rain and grey skies. I had left when it was bright blue and sunshine (so I am claiming I took it with me to Frankfurt). Life has to go back to normal now, but really how much normal do I need to get. I will remember this trip for quite some time to come, the only thing I wish i could have shared it with Heidi. Although taking her for her first time visiting an airport lounge or flying true first class, this would probably ruin her for good. Sorry hun… but SQ Suites will have to do for you.

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