Day 5/11

Its day 5 of my 11 day week. It’s getting rough at the moment my lack of sleep is starting to kick in. At least with tommorrow night i dont start till 6pm so i can get a decent amount of sleep in the morning. 11 days working straight is harsh but i have to do it!

The only thing that is really pissing me off at the moment is the inability of control. I wish someone would just tell me what date i am starting in specialist. Just give me a fucking day already!!! I keep getting “soon” from all sources and its annoying. Soon could mean several things, days, weeks even months. I am starting to get tired of it and wondering now if i should of gone for the position in BDT as Application Support, but then knowing my luck feet would be dragged the same way as to when i could leave.

At the moment i am just sticking through it. On day 11/11 i hope it to be my final day in my current team otherwise i think im going to scream. I am however going to the Sunshine Coast next weekend for a wedding so i’ll need to look my best which means a haircut and hopefully flirting with the hairdresser i haven’t spoken to in 4 months…

Late shifts really do suck (especially when trains are running late like yesterday) but only got one more this week and then next week i’m on earlies (afaik). Probably post again on Sunday night after the first broncos game at Suncorp. Seems they may have moved me to a new bar their but i will confirm that later. I hope they haven’t because i liked my little home on level 7!