Ghosts, Gouls and SUGAR!

Yes it is that time of the year again. Its Halloween. That means that little boys and girls will try to roam the streets in the endless pursuit of their favourite friend. Sugar. Unfortunately for most kids, Halloween is more of an american thing. However most adults my age will see it as any excuse to get dressed up and get fucked up. So endless weeks of Halloween parties happen. Hell I am going to one next friday.

The good thing about these parties is usually the hottest girls will wear the least which is great for everyone! Me though. I am not quite sure what to go as this year. Part of me wants to just grab a sheet, throw it over my head, cut two eye holes and ta da.. Ghost. One part of me just wants to grab my army helmet (used it for an avis party last year and it has since been repainted and looks spiffy, although it could do with a clear coat or something like that to make it shiny) and just go with that. However another deep down part wants to go all out, however then my wallet pipes up and tells my brain to STFU and get back to work.

So at the moment unless I can find a white sheet, *edit found one* then i will just use the helmet. Halloween parties are always a good excuse to get drunk. Cause if your face is covered. no one can see who you are! Which means you can drink yourself stupid and chat up all the randoms you want!

Another good thing about halloween is all the sugar! gotta love sugar. one of my favourite things beside alcohol. I mean who doesn’t like sugar? So since we are having a food day this week, we are having a Halloween food day. So usually when I want a really good sugar rush and I want something easy to make. Rice Krispie treats to the rescue. When I was in the states in Orlando they had big Rice Krispie treats but they had them all flavoured and with stuff in them like m&ms, skittles etc. So I took my usual Rice Krispie treat recipe (which is pretty much marshmallows, butter and rice bubbles) and poured them into the tin over a layer of M&M’s. Had lots of mixture left over so made a Rice Krispie cake. I haven’t got photos of the end product yet but when I do, I will throw them on the net somewhere.