Day 2 of 6

Yep I am doing it to myself again. 6 days straight, but again I have some crazy reason behind this. Last time it was to secure extra days off. This time similar reasons. I’ll still be getting the same amount of days off just all consecutively. Managed to score Easter off as a whole (will talk about my Easter plans shortly) but I will now have 5 days off straight. From Thursday all the way through to return to work Tuesday. Score!

So yesterday was a pretty good day, found out when I should be heading overseas (again stay tuned would rather wait till I have a confirmed date) and had the annual Avis launch party at work. Although I bailed a little early (later than planned though due to making the finals in barefoot bowls) it was a good night and apparently the team won Best dressed team prize (but I didn’t put much effort in or stick around till then so in my opinion I don’t deserve a share in the prize) and but for when I was there it was a good night and it was better than expected.

This morning though a bit annoyed at my bike as the chain came off half way up a hill just as I was getting a good groove on this morning so that just did not help. Back on the bike tomorrow and see how things pan out.

Here is to an uneventful day at work (I hope)