Mega Stress…

Well the Visa Interview has come and gone. The Stress was just way to much to handle and I think I did some stupid things on Wednesday that I should not have done. Nothing overly stupid like forgetting things, just not using my brain properly when I should of.

But the trip was worth it. I flew down on Tuesday afternoon, after getting moved to an earlier flight, then that flight gets delayed by an hour so I dont end up getting down to Sydney any earlier. After a $30 cab ride from my hotel to the Sofitel and back again to pick up all the official paperwork. It was a long long day being up at 430am and not having dinner till about 1030 at night (although I will say the Ox Tongue bento box I came across was DELICIOUS!!!!).

Wednesday morning was spent after a work out, relaxing my nerves by walking from my hotel near Central Station all the way to the US Consulate (bad move #1). This calmed me down and after a coffee and some interview prep I was ready to go. After heading up to the Security area of the Consulate and being told I was to early and to come back. I did some more waiting and after a while went back to check in. Security was a bit more strict (as expected) and after being chastised for my paperwork and being told that going with an attorney is always a waste of paperwork (whatever lady!) I was into the Consulate properly.

The interview went well and it kind felt like a non event. It was over so quick I wasn’t sure what was going on. But I was over the moon. First thing now. Get some food into me! After heading off and having some amazingly good Sourdough Toast I packed up all my stuff at the hotel, checked out and headed off to have my lunch with my sister and my first nephew Braedon.

All in all, so worth all the stress to have that Visa Approved. Now a little bit more waiting while the powers that be organise my departure date etc. So at the moment I wait a little bit for a date to go, but till then, the big stress is over!