Sydney Bound…

I posted a few weeks ago revealing details of my intended new adventure, moving to the USA. Well it is update time. After the last update my Equivalency for my job had come through. This meant that my life & work experience gave me the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree and this would fulfil the conditions of an E3 Visa to the USA. Well the good news is all the paperwork for the Visa is now complete. There is but one step to go before I will have a visa, hot off the press, in my passport.

As with any actual visa for the USA (Visa Waiver doesn’t count) you need to go to a US Consulate to have the visa physcially issued and go through an Interview process. Well with all my paperwork in hand I was able to pay the Visa Fee ($390!!!!) and organise my appointment for my interview. Thinking that I may have to wait several weeks, I was totally shocked when the first available appointment was THIS WEEK!!! So I snatched it up without having to go through all the painful paperwork and then have to sit and wait, tapping my feet. Hurry up and wait is something, although I am used to, I hate with a passion. This was perfect!!!

So now with plans to fly down Tuesday afternoon, pick up all my documents from another hotel in Sydney (rooms at the Sofitel were just WAY to much) and then make my way to where I am staying (Mercure Sydney). Then first thing Wednesday morning, I will be toting my big folder full of documents to the US Consulate in Martin Place, no doubt going through a mass amount of security and then hopefully not to late after, I will be approved to head to the USA. Then I can spend the afternoon relaxing, possibly catch up with my sister and nephew and fly home!

Then the real journey will begin. As yet I know that an actual date for leaving has not been set as it was dependant on how long I would have to wait for the interview, but I know it will be sooner rather than later!

Let us hope and pray it all goes well. And just to show you just how much paperwork I am required to take with me, heres a shot of the back up paperwork. All the originals are currently flying their way over from Seattle via a personal courier (someone from the company I am going to work for was already heading over so two birds, one stone).