Big Daddy!

I’ve been waiting months for my christmas present from my dear free Dee from WA. I finally recieved it last week and immediately took it to get framed. It was fantastic!! I am now the proud owner of a Dee original entitled “Big Daddy.” It is a fantastic rendition of a pimp. It all stems back a few years when a couple of friends were gonna buy me this pimp hat It looked pretty sweet but it never eventuated. Back then everyone was calling me Big Daddy and it was kind of a running joke.

So low and behild when i open up the package there is a beautiful picture of a purple dressed pimp wearing that hat with the words “Big Daddy” written on it. If only i had gotten that hat so long ago! Now i just have to find a spot to put the framed picture up somewhere. When i do ill take a pic and put it up.

In other news… still havent started upstairs in specialist yet.. rumour says next week but i highly doubt that somehow!!

Anyway i have to go! gotta get to work!