Today is 1 year from the day that I stepped foot into a 747 and that moment changed my life. It wasn’t to fly anywhere, it was to start something that would begin a journey.. one together. I am talking about the moment that Heidi and I got married.

From Getting Married in a 747

The first day I met Heidi, it was just a coffee date, and things went mixed from there. We had several other dates, but we wanted to “take it slow” and I did say that to a friend (a fact she points out to me all the time). That didn’t really happen as we were married last October. But it was right and it was something we both wanted to do. So now fast forward a year. A lot has changed in that time, but one thing has not, my love for Heidi.

I still love that woman with all my heart, each and every day. She makes me smile, she makes me laugh and I love every moment we spend together. Our daily lives may keep us apart most of the time (I work nights, she works days) but those moments when we can see each other mean the most to me. Being able to see her smile, brings a smile to my face. On this special day we get to celebrate our future together and think back to that moment in the first 747. Making a commitment to each other, one that will continue, forever.

Heidi Muir (yes, she has started the process to change her name), I love you the most.

It has been a busy few weeks and that has cut back on my posting. Actually life in general has cut back my posting as of late if I’m to be honest. With a full time job on the cards and life at home it is tough to blog these days (or at least have interesting things to talk about). I have done so much travel as of late that my weekends have had me more out of the house than in it.

After the two trips in September (one to LAX the other to Oklahoma), I was not ready to stop. The weekend after Oklahoma we did a lot of stuff downtown (does that count as travelling?) and spent time with our friends.  Then it was back on the road. Last weekend we flew to Spokane and it was my first time flying out there.  Everyone I spoke to about that trip asked us why we were flying  why didn’t we just drive. “it’s only 5 hours”. Yeah only 5! Considering flights were on sale when Alaska ran a points promotion, dropping tickets to 5000 each way, how could I not!

I found out the day we were due to fly out that you could standby on any earlier flights for no cost so we did that. We didn’t clear because all the elites kept trumping us at the gate.  But both ours & the earlier flights were delayed (though they never announced anything, which seems standard practice for Horizon) so that put a hamper in our evening a little. We got to the hotel super late but not horribly so.

The hotel in Spokane was good, it was a La Quinta, nothing over the top but cheap, clean, friendly & nice people. Can’t complain right? We had a fairly nice car and got to visit some friends of Heidi’s while out there so all in all a fun weekend. Coming home was fun because it was my first special livery flight. We got to return back to Seattle onboard Alaska’s Spirit of Disneyland Resort livery, aka Tinkerbell. Funnily enough Tinkerbell was the last plane I ever cleared to depart while I worked the ramp at SeaTac, so it has special meaning to me.

This weekend should really be spent at home (since it’s pouring rain outside right now) but we are off to Portland to celebrate our anniversary. Since I’m working next weekend I figured I could put a long weekend to good use. 

So much travel at this part of the year usually means that I will be grounded for the remainder of the year and it does look like that. But it means that I don’t have to deal with holiday flying (well at least outside of work) and the new year is going to be pretty different. Next year starts the real settling down process. But more on that another time.