So I have been slack lately it seems. Not updating the site in sooooooooooo long. But to be honest, it is hard sometimes with work taking up so much of my time. Since I have been working night shift 4 days out of 5 for the last few weeks my patterns are well out of wack. It isn’t an excuse, but it does the point.

Life has been otherwise ok, the birthday celebrations went well and included a sugar rush that turned into a sugar hangover (and boy was that not a fun come down!) and now it is back to work and back to training as well. I know I meant to write a post about what I am training for (And I promise i will this time) but that isn’t today’s post. Today’s post is about a weird dream I had last night and what it means?

This morning I had to be up at 530am and low and behold I wake up after a bad dream around 5:15am… Joy. Not being able to get a solid sleep after waking up from a bad dream is a crappy thing and makes you feel all the more awful. But what was it that had me waking up like that? How about being strafed by a plane? Yeah that sounds like watching something I would enjoy, except this was extremely vivid, and I seemed to be the target.

I am not sure why it happened, but in the dream I was watching as a Bearcat (like the one that is flown at HFF) came barreling towards the house at low level. Now this wasn’t the apartment I currently live in but the house I grew up in, in Australia. As the plane came in at low level, I hit the deck as it was so low I figured it might hit the top of the house, but instead it started firing its cannons at me. O Dear! Bullets hit the top of the house and I survived the first pass. Moments later a second plane came around on a similar set up. This time it was a P-51 Mustang and it too began strafing the house and as bullets were clanging around the house, I woke up.

It was one of the weirdest dreams I have had in a while (and I have had some doozies in the past, especially when I am on Cold and Flu Drugs). Anyone have any idea what it could mean?

Today is my final day of being 33 years old. This year has gone by so fast, that I can’t believe I am here already. Things have been amazing the last 12 months and a lot has happened, stuff I never thought would. But it has not been an easy year either.

This time last year I was just in a relationship with Heidi, working in a job that didn’t really make me all that happy. Fast forward 12 months, I have a wife, I am working a job that really makes me happy and living a life that is not only challenging, but also fulfilling.

Last year on my birthday I had a fantastic day being spoiled rotten by Heidi. She bought me donuts and lunch at my work in Bellevue, and I came home to dinner and a cake made especially for me (Banana Chocolate Chip Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting…. it was DELICIOUS!). This year will be different, I’ll be heading to work (since Wednesdays are night shift for me) and I won’t really get to see Heidi at all. But it won’t matter too much. I will get to spend the whole weekend with her and my friends, so that will help.

My next 12 months are going to be a big new adventure for me. Heidi and I have a lot of plans, I would love to be able to head to Australia sometime in the next 12 months so Heidi can meet my family. I also want to try and work on my fear of boats (more on that to come). I should also get the big day with the immigration department to get things organised and that will be a big important day for both of us. I also want to keep working at my current job, helping to make things better and better every day, making that job more fun for everyone.

As I make another rotation around the sun, I want to give a shout out to everyone who wishes me happy birthday, thank you all for your wishes. Now if you can somehow make those wishes turn into birthday gifts, that would be so much better? What… don’t judge me. I like presents!