Well as I told you in the last post I have been waiting to get my next big trip approved and this one will be a doozy. I have always wanted to do this and now that I am a new person, I am going to do it. I am heading off around the world in Business Class. Yes thats right, Business Class. Ticking that one off the Bucket list and hopefully a few more things along the way. It is going to be an epic epic journey.

So I have spent a while just working out where to go on this one and then once I got that down pat, it was a matter of how long, what flights, which airlines and what to do. Now by no means are my plans finalised yet. I still have a LOT to do on this trip. But the locations are now set. So here is the rough plans and ill throw in the flights along with it.

5th July 2011 – Last Day at Work
6th July 2011 – Prep, pack, get ready to leave
7th July 2011 – Goodbye Australia.
Brisbane to Auckland to Los Angeles to Vancouver (yes thats all in one day. Leaving at 12pm arriving into vancouver same day at 9pm… hello JETLAG!)
Brisbane to Auckland – Air New Zealand – NZ136 – 1225/1725 – Boeing 777-200ER – Business Premier
Auckland to Los Angeles – Air New Zealand – NZ2 2130/1445 – Boeing 777-300ER – Business Premier (New Aircraft for airline, new type for me)
Los Angeles to Vancouver – Air Canada – AC557 1855/2136 – Embraer 190 – Executive Class (New Type, New Airline, New Airport)
8th July 2011 – Vancouver – Meet Up with Brad
9th July 2011 – Tour Begins – Contiki Canada & The Rockies with Calgary Stampede – Link to tour here
21st July 2011 – Tour Finishes – Vancouver
22nd July 2011 – Vancouver
23rd July 2011 – Amtrak Cascades – Vancouver to Seattle – 0640/1105
24th July 2011 – Seattle
25th July 2011 – Seattle
26th July 2011 – Seattle
27th July 2011 – Pick Up Car start driving south – Overnight Portland Oregon
28th July 2011 – Portland to San Fransisco – Overnight somewhere on Route
29th July 2011 – Arrive San Fransisco
30th July 2011 – San Fransisco
31st July 2011 – San Fransisco
1st August 2011 – San Fransisco
2nd August 2011 – San Fransisco – Farewell to Brad – Stay out by SFO Airport
3rd August 2011 – San Fransisco to New York City
San Fransisco to Chicago O’Hare – United Airlines – UA972 1010/1625 -Boeing 767-300 – Business Class – (International Configuration Aircraft, 2 New Airports)
Chicago O’Hare to New York City La Guardia – UA692 1730/2046 – Airbus A319 – First Class – (New Airports)
4th August 2011 – New York City
5th August 2011 – Morning New York City – Birthday – Evening Flight – New York City to Zurich
New York City John F Kennedy – Zurich – Swiss Airlines – LX17 1800/0805+1 – Airbus A330-300 – Business Class (New Airline, New Airport)
6th August 2011 – Zurich to Paris
Zurich – Paris Charles De Gaulle – Swiss Airlines – LX634 0905/1020 – Airbus A320 – Business Class (New Airports)
Explore Paris
7th August 2011 – Paris to Bayeux – Train – Explore Bayeux
8th August to 11th August 2011 – Explore Normandy Region – WW2 Invasion Tours
12th August 2011 – Bayeux to Paris – Train – Explore Paris
13th August 2011 – Paris to Berlin
Paris Charles De Gaulle to Berlin Tegel – Lufthansa – LH3241 0930/1105 – Boeing 737-500 – Business Class (New Airline, New Aircraft, New Airport)
14th August 2011 – Berlin
15th August 2011 – Berlin
16th August 2011 – Berlin to London
Berlin Tegel – London Heathrow – BMI – BD842 1105/1200 – Airbus A319 – Business Premium – (New Airline, New Airports)
17th August 2011 – London
18th August 2011 – London
19th August 2011 – London
20th August 2011 – Explore London Morning – Evening Flight – London to Tokyo
London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita – ANA – NH202 1935/1520+1 – Boeing 777-300ER – Business Class (New Product, New Airline)
21st August 2011 to 31st August 2011 – Japan – Yet to work out what to do here, help needed and greatfully appreciated.
31st August 2011 – Stay at Narita night before departure – Plane Spotting, Exploring the Temple
1st September 2011 – Tokyo to Hong Kong
Tokyo Narita to Seoul Incheon – Asiana Airlines – OZ103 1530/1810 – Boeing 777-200 – Business Class (New Airline, New Airport, New Aircraft)
Seoul Incheon to Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok – Asiana Airlines – OZ723 1945/2230 – Airbus A330-300 – Business Class (New Airport)
2nd September 2011 – Hong Kong
3rd September 2011 – Hong Kong
4th September 2011 – Hong Kong
5th September 2011 – Hong Kong
6th September 2011 – Hong Kong to Singapore
Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok to Singapore Changi – Singapore Airlines – SQ861 1540/1920 – Airbus A380-800 – Business Class (New Airport, New Airline, New Aircraft, Bucket List)
7th September 2011 – Singapore
8th September 2011 – Singapore
9th September 2011 – Singapore
10th September 2011 – Singapore to Brisbane (Home)
Singapore Changi to Brisbane – Singapore Airlines – SQ245 0955/1930 – Airbus A330-300 – Business Class (New Product)
11th September 2011 – Rest
12th September 2011 – Back to Work

This should be an amazing trip, i can’t wait to go!

Some times it feels like I am never at home. Was in Melbourne over the weekend on Famil with Tourism Vic and had a fantastic time. It was so good to be travelling again, checking out hotels, doing a bit of plane spotting in the terminal etc. Loved it!

Next month I am on the road again as well, I am off to Cairns to go white water rafting with my sister. This is a time where i can do the things I never thought I would do. I guess these are gonna be my little challenges for a while. So to start wth will be White Water Rafting, then learning to ride a bike, learning to kayak, probably Abseiling/Rock Climbing (when i get some arm strength) all those adventure activities I never thought I would be able to do.

Still trying to tick some stuff off my bucket list but unfortunately it will be a while till it starts getting ticked off. I dont think i will ever add a bungy jump etc to the list cause im not that crazy. My leave got approved for my next big trip so sometime in the next week that trip will start to develop and will keep everyone up to date as it goes along.

I have also had a few weeks of maintaining weight (apart from losing 1.5kg while I was away which im not to happy about) but its been good. I swear i feel like im constantly eating. All the time! But thats the way i need to be going, graze graze graze!

Well its been a month now since I set foot in Kokoda. I had updated last week but it seems something happened and the post never went online :/ Pity really. Been a few big weeks since I got back. I was all good for the first few days, then I started getting some really bad stomach pains and other symptons. I was having random fevers at night. But I stuck it out a day or two. Managed to get myself to the doctors the friday after we got back and the doctor told me in his words “I think you have malaria” I freaked out. But turns out I didn’t thank god. But he tells me this after 3 blood tests in 4 days. Damn him. Turns out I bought back some random stomach thing from PNG. O wells… got me out of work for a week!

In other news, A Current Affair has taken on a story about me. They were given a bit of a heads up about all my weight loss from my nutritionist. One the wednesday after I got back they approached me asking if I would be a part of it and if I would do it. I said yes. There has been a hell of a lot of filming for it (over 3 seperate days) but It was definately worth it. I enjoyed every minute of it. Although the big one on one interview was nerve racking I made it through ok. I am constantly getting asked how much I am getting paid for it, but the answer is nothing. I am not in it for the money. I am in it to pass on some inspiration to other people. I was given a push to help me get out there and do something about it all, and I am hoping that my story will be the push for other people. Just hope that no one recognises me to much when I go out.

The last week has been good though, I am back at work and enjoying it. Each day is a new day in my life and each day brings with it new suprises and challenges. Have managed to keep pushing myself each and every day. The weight bottomed out after the week off sick at 88.7kg. But I was back up to 89kg and now comes the new journey of maintaining that weight (or around that weight). Who knows what the future will bring!