Just a really quick update. Ive been thinking about this a lot lately, what with my new life and all and ive decided to write my bucket list.

I will post this up in a few days. But there will be some stuff in it you never would guess. If you have any ideas of what should be on the list. let me know.

So one of my favourite shows on TV has a big presence on Twitter. Attack of the Show (AOTS) is good for those of us in the world like me, Geeks and Nerds. They do follow a lot of trends etc and they like to think they start some trends. So this month its not Parched March or anything like that. Its EpicApril! So everyone is tweeting #EpicApril. Its a good way.

So I started to think, this month is pretty Epic. I will break the 40kg loss barrier hopefully, I will also manage to get in a lot of travelling this month. I am off to Norfolk Island tommorrow (don’t worry a trip report to come) and then I am home for a few days. Will be checking out my first Roller Derby Bout (and get some photos), Will be heading to Peppers at Salt Beach for a nice few days off midweek thanks to winning an incentive. Then I am home for just one night and flying to Sydney for the usual Anzac Day pilgramage. But while I am there I will also be getting in some plane spotting, cruising sydney harbour and just having a generally good long weekend.

What more can you want really from a month! It will really be Epic April!!

so its been a while since I have been plane spotting. The last decent time I had to take photos of planes solidly for a while was in Narita last September. Yep that long ago!!

So being that Philippine Airlines have started flying to Bris along with Tiger I decided to head down. All the favourite smells came back, the company down there of like minded individuals, being able to chat with all these other people, It was great. Managed to get Philippine Airlines and Tiger (over two seperate days) and then also managed to see a Qantas 767 do a Max Power Takeoff with no onboard weight (awesome sight) and then also saw a Air NZ 777 do a takeoff against the wind purely to save time (lazy bastards).

here are the first lot of photos for this year.

Spotter Photos 2010

and some of the photos from previous spotting trips:

North America Spotting
Qantas A380 Arrival
Sydney Spotters Photos 2008
Spotter Photos USA
Spotters Photos
Sydney Airport Esky Bar