I have been so slack…. but life has been so busy lately. Ive been working out twice a day every day since the start of december. Things have been going well, im feeling better and better every day.

Ive lost around 14-15kg so far (not quite sure of an exact amount i can tell you that i have lost 7kg alone since xmas day) and its a bit wierd when my trainer hands me 15kg in weights to hold and says i had been carrying that around and yet, i cant really hold onto it for that long.

Im enjoying the boxing and stuff as its something different. Cardio drives me crazy cause its so booooooring. At least with weights i have to think while im doing it so i dont injure myself, same with boxing.

Thinks keep plodding along and i stick to my diet (its tough at times but i do it), and do my best every time!