Its a bit early to be talking like its a New Years resolution but today was the beginning of a new step down my life.

Im fast approaching 30, i live at home still (sad i know) and im still single. Its about time i started to do something about all of this. Tommorrow i start down a new path. Tommorrow i have my first personal training session. I am working towards some goals:

I wanna Weigh 100kg
I wanna have some decent arm strength
I want to be able to do a 10km run (this is my big goal)
I want to do kokoda (in 2011 at the moment for me)

So tommorrow morning at 630am I am going to try and and get all of this negativity out of my life, and keep things going. To work towards my new goals. Im also considering seeing a counsellor. I have had some rough times in my life lately. With massive meltdowns in the last few months before i went away. If I am going to get myself physically healthy, i should probably get myself mentally healthy to. It may help!

So tommorrow is a new beginning… one step forward in my life

Wow… thats all i can say… what a weekend! I had the most amazing time in Sydney. After not being able to go last year (was out of sales for 6 months so didnt qualify) it was so good to get the chance to go this year.

I will give you a bit of a run down of what happened over the last few days.

Really early wake up. Off to the airport to meet up with the guys at 6am. Man i hate early starts but this was going to be worth it. Once everyone was there we checked in and made our way through security with about 5-6 mins to spare till boarding and then it was all onboard. Pretty empty flight so it was nice and spacious on the flight. Watched some NCIS LA on my ipod (god that function is awesome, gonna have to use it more). The flight was pretty uneventful really. Remembered to Twitter to @virginblue as i got off to thank them for the flight and it was onto the Bus and on our way to the hotel once all the Melbourne guys joined us. We did a bit of a walk through Circular Quay as it was nice and sunny and not to hot (it was getting hotter though) and we had lunch at the Shangri La Hotel. After lunch it was off to Bridgeclimb. Things were looking good at this point. I was having an awesome time, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and just enjoying myself (apart from getting Chewing gum on my new Patriots jersey… dammit!). We got to Bridgeclimb and this is where the biggest dissapointment happened. After going through all the set ups and stuff, i couldnt get in. Because the suit was to small and they couldnt get the next size up in time i wasn’t allowed to climb. I was pretty dissapointed but i will manage to get over it… eventually. I ended up walking up to the bridge pylon (god those stairs almost killed me!) and decided to then walk back to the hotel. By the time i got back a few of the people who didnt climb were at the bar so i joined them.

After a few drinks and getting ready we all headed off to the Novotel for dinner and then a quick walk down to Star City. When we got down there we headed to the Lyric Theatre, where we were gonna go see Mamma Mia. Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the occasional musical. I like getting dressed up and going to the theatre. what i dont like is Abba. That being said, it wasn’t to bad. After the show we headed up to the roof top bar for a night cap… awesome!

Woops set the alarm wrong, forgot to change to Sydney time, so rushed wake up and breakfast before meeting the group and walking to Circular Quay. We hopped on the Taronga Zoo ferry and with a good view of the harbour we crossed over and got ready for our walk. We were to walk from Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach. A distance of 8km. Now it has been years since ive walked a distance like that. I remember hiking when i was a scout. PRetty sure we did distances like that, but it was with a 20kg pack on your back. I didn’t even walk that far in the USA. But i was determined to do it. The views were lovely, got to chat heaps with the girls from melbourne and also the owner. It was a good morning. There was one killer hill that almost broke me but i made sure i did it. After the walk we headed back to the city for a Harbour lunch cruise. What i didnt realise till we got there was that the boat was just for us. A private harbour lunch cruise onboard the “Sydney Showboat”. How cool. Nice and relaxing. We were meant to go out to Bondi after that, but everyone was kinda wanting a relax and a good drink by the pool. So hung out in the room, had a drink, watched some TV, had a good chat. It was a good relaxing arvo.

We met up around 7pm to head off to dinner. Off to Circular Quay to have dinner by the waterfront (near the cruise terminal). We had an amazing dinner and awards ceremony. Everyone was dressed up, looking hot and having a good time. We had plenty of awards to present (as everyone that went was the best of the best) and we had an enjoyable evening. After dinner it was back to the hotel to hit up the Club Lounge Bar on the 31st floor overlooking darling harbour. Wow… what an awesome view. It is gonna be so easy to sell that club now that i know how good it is up there. We had a number of drinks and got booted out some time around 1am ish and tried to hit up the Ice Bar in Circular Quay but it was closed.

Sunday (today!)
Alarm set correctly, slow wake up with time to pack, eat and pay my bill (room charging is a bad bad concept for a drunk man). Things were looking good. We headed off to the Sydney Fish Markets for the morning, grabbed a coffee, checked out some awesome looking knives (gotta love japanese knife makers) and checked out the crazy seafood offerings. We then headed to QVB (Queen Victoria Building) to where we were planning on doing some secret santa shopping. Everyone was given $100… im serious $100! to do secret santa shopping for someone else in the group. We had to use the full $100 and couldnt give cash or vouchers. So things were tough for some people. Sneakyness abounded and it was awesome! I was a bit confused. I had taken notes on what to get my person (had a melbourne staff person so it was a bit difficult as i didnt really know the person… hence good way to meet other staff).

We headed up to the top of Sydney Tower for lunch (wasnt hungry so didn’t eat) and we all had a good time handing out presents. We then had to rush to get out of the tower and to the airport in time for our flights. We barely made the flight and not to long later we were heading home… flying our way back through the sky to brisbane!

Well… what has been happening since i got back. Everything was going smoothly after arriving back home after all the flying around. Life was cruising along. I was trying to rehab myself a little after 6-7 weeks of drinking every day (hah.. sif that will ever happen again). I was enjoying myself, spending a bit of the leftover travel money. Bought myself a new phone, some new clothes (ready for all stars and the xmas party). Bought some jerseys and some stuff from thinkgeek (books, duct tape stuff, a new tie) and then bought two new monitors for the computer.

So with mary getting a face lift i thought everything was gonna be sweet. not even 2 days after the facelift, Mary decides to have a breakdown on me. Primary Hard drive corrupts. This would normally be ok cause i dont normally store anything else on the primary. Cept when i bought mary i had a TB drive as the primary and stupidly partitioned the photos onto the same drive. OMG i am stupid.

Panic sets In. i try to back up the photos one night and let it back up over night (i have 44gig of photos on this machine, its all my photos for the last 5 years). I wake up the next morning and its frozen in the middle of a boot sequence. So thinking that my photos didnt get backed up in time i panic even more. The computer wont boot, it just keeps blue screening and rebooting. I am in full on panic mode as now i can’t even get access to my photos or my emails. Thankfully i have my laptop (Frenchie… thanks for the name michelle) so I was still able to keep in touch with the world (i am such an internet addict) and check up on possible causes/fixes. I leave it till wednesday on my day off. I try everything to get it working again. Fresh installs, repair install. Nothing is working the drive is screwed. So Off I go to spend more $$ to pretty much turn Mary into a fully brand new machine. New hard drives, New OS, picked up a USB hard drive caddy as well so i could isolate the corrupted drive while trying to recover data.

Managed to get her working after spending all day working on it. First thing i find. My photos. Backed up on the secondary drive. all of the photos to. I was just happy as! So that was hurdle #1 over. I instantly backed them up again to my external Hard drive so i have a double back up (something I will be doing quite often i think). So then yesterday, Geoff drops off some software for me to try and I have to use a round about way to recover it, but the effort was worth it. I managed to recover my emails from the old hard drive. Hurdle #2 is fixed! What a relief. I wasn’t able to recover any of my work files I had on this machine or anything else that was in my documents etc (never came up on the recovered data) but the emails were more important to me really.

I guess all in all, that its fine. Now I just need to get it all fixed up and running and my life will be back in check. O and the new phone i bought. They ran out of the colours i wanted. I think im gonna get stuck with pink 🙁

Man what a trip. The trip has been the trip of a life time for me. My first intentional business class trip. Relaxing in business is like nothing you can imagine. Its so good to be up front, not crushed between dozens of people begging for air. To be able to relax back and get some rest and actually arrive off a flight feeling good makes all the difference.

I met so many new people, made so many new friends, and did some things i never thought i would do. Everyone keeps asking me what was my favourite place, or what was my highlight. I just can’t choose one. I did so much that there was heaps of highlights and so many places mean so much to me.

I travelled on 4 different airlines, 4 Countries (if you count the trip to cairns which i am), 26 US States, 2 Canadian Provinces and about 4200 photos all up. This trip is epic and now that I am home i can rest (although i just spent 5 days in cairns doing just that, a holiday to get over a holiday).

Now its back to reality, back to work and back to the morning commute… *sigh*

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