the 4 month till i go mark is fast approaching and with everything already fully paid I am starting to get majorly excited. The first half of the tour is now sold out which is awesome and means that it will be a full tour to start with anyway.

I have booked a few different day tours in seattle and get to visit not only the Boeing Factory in Everett but also Pikes Place market for a guided food tour. should be awesome awesome time (hopefully i get to catch a fish!). Im planning some plane spotting around the time and it should be good (looking at hiring a car in Seattle and doing the rounds of Boeing field etc). Not sure what to do in Hawaii yet, cause all I have booked is a tour that takes me to the Arizona Memorial, Punchbowl Memorial (big WW2 grave site) and also the USS Missouri Museum. I dunno what else to do over there so if you have any ideas please feel free to email me.

Also its starting to come into the time when the Sports schedules are going to be released. Looks like I will be at the football in Seattle with the Seahawks playing the Cardinals the first day i am in seattle so that will be awesome. Also gonna try and hit up a ice hockey game but still waiting for the schedule to be released.