Well it seems like everything is just about done!

The flights are all paid for, deposits paid on both the land arrangements and the contiki. Rail part has been paid for and all thats left to do is start saving for spending money and book one flight (that i cant do for another month).

At last update there was still a few open spots. I decided to stay in Anaheim for 5 nights after the tour finishes. It just allows me to relax and chill out. Might hit up disneyland and perhaps spend some time with my LA friends. I ended up choosing the Anaheim Hilton. Looks good, close to the contiki hotel so i can see my new friends if i want, and a trusting brand I know has decent rooms.

Then in Seattle im staying at the Executive Pacific Hotel. Looks ok, looks a good spot and pretty good price to. Its all been doing ok. Booked and paid for the Acela from Washington DC to New York City. That should be a nice easy journey.

The trip is coming together rather nicely! Time to start saving for the spending $$$