It is time for a change. I am looking at changing the way i live my life. I have over the past just been lazy. I will admit it, i can be lazy a lot. So today i bought a treadmill. I am sick of being treated like i am a second class citizen because of my size. I know i shouldn’t care what other people think but its a bit hard.

So I intend on using this new machine to help me change who I am. To slim down. I don’t think I will ever be a thin person but whatever I can take off and keep off would be awesome. I have already been eating less junk and upping the fruit and veg intake. One thing you will not pry away from me will be my coffee. You will become a very dead person if you try to take that away from me!

So things have been doing pretty well lately. Been focusing on work and trying to get in some organising of my big trip to the states. Its not only 9 months away. My flights are booked (gotta pay for them this week) and plans are slowly coming together. I had to scrap my West Coast Canada visit (couldnt visit warren) but am still heading up to Seattle.

So far the plan looks as follows.

September 11. Brisbane to Tokyo – Flight with JAL – Overnight Hotel Nikko Narita
September 12. Tokyo to Detriot to Washington DC – Flight with Northwest Airlines
September 12-15 – Washington DC – Staying at the Liason Hotel Captial Hill
September 15. Washington DC to New York City – Amtrak
September 15-18 – New York City – Staying at the Marakech Hotel (contiki hotel)
September 18 – October 12 – Contiki Grand Northern New York to Anaheim
October 12 – Overnight Anaheim – Best Western Stovalls Inn
October 13-17 – Unsure
October 17 – Los Angeles to Seattle – Thinking of Flying with Virgin America
October 17-21 – Seattle – unsure of where im staying
October 21 – Seattle to Honolulu
October 21-25 – Honolulu – thinking of staying Aqua Waikiki Wave (recommendation from Jacq)
October 25 – Honolulu to Tokyo
October 26 – Tokyo to Brisbane
October 27 – Home!

It is going to be an amazing time away i can’t wait to go.

Well well. If it isnt my old enemy, Mr Hangover. I thought i wasn’t going to see you again for a while. O how you torment me with your headaches, sore eyes, and acute hearing. So what does my dad do as punishment for having Mr Hangover around today. Starts mowing the lawn right next to my window for half an hour, then keeps opening and closing my door. Bastard 🙁

The hangover was thoroughly earned though. Last night was Dan & Scott’s engagement party. It was a glorious night. Most of the time in a beer garden type atmosphere, having a few drinks (few to many!) with friends and just enjoying the summer life. Before you knew it, it was dark, the strippers were making their way into velvet cigar (and some of them were pretty good) and the beer was ice cold. The company was excellent and it lead to a great night. However I somehow managed to make my way to a taxi (im quite suprised since i was MAJORLY drunk) even without the benefit of being able to walk properly.

I have to admit that i wasn’t expecting much of a night. I had an invitation to go to the valley and thought that i might actually go out with the others, however I just couldn’t make myself leave, I was having to much fun. It will be crap to see Scott & Dan leave for melbourne because they know how to put on a party and are the two nicest people i know! It will be shit to see them go.

Wednesday night will probably be another big night. Still tossing up if I should drink (being that its a work function, I probably won’t) as I am actually hosting and organising the next star night. This one should hopefully go off without a hitch. Big night though with a Hawaiian theme so need to practice on my ucalale before wednesday night.

Wow… I can’t believe the year is over. It has been a big year for me. Lots of things changed this year.. and i mean lots. Lets break it down a little.

Work. 3 teams this year, saw my position disolved, moved to another team. Saw that team disolved so moved to another team. Demoted myself, got myself promoted, learning new things, new systems, new phones, new people, almost a whole new way of thinking.

Life. All the ups and downs this year, lots of sideways thoughts, indecisiveness, lost friends, gain friends, thankfully no funerals i had to attend but did lose some people. But then we had a wedding and saw lots of engagements as well. A big year in that respect. Life altering plans happened thinking more about my future than the hear and now i am used to. Wanted things i couldn’t have, got my heart broken (several times as usual), and trying to stay on the positive.

Travel: No big travels this year just lots of little stuff. Work sent me away 3 times to Melbourne, TNQ and New Zealand. Saw snow for the first time, first time to NZ, first time driving on famil was in TNQ. Saw some new things, returned to some old haunts. Travelled alone a few times but then travelled with friends as well. Spent 5 days in TNQ back in February with friends and for the first time i was able to switch off and just relax without all the running around that usually entails my holidays while i try and keep up with a pace i usually set. Tried some new things, found some new tastes, found new places i love, and also places i dont really like all that much.

Last year was eventful, so many changes but mainly for the good. Here is to a new year, full of as many adventures as the last. To all my friends who stuck with me in the last year, you mean a lot to me. 😀