well for those outside of brisbane who read this blog, yes I am alive. No the storms didnt kill me or destory my house. It was a very wierd time only a week ago. It was around about this time last week when the “storm from hell” brought with it some destructive power and you end up with what has been reffered to as the “gapocalypse”. Our power got knocked out in the storm, we had a tree migrate into our back yard (without even a passport i mean jeez) and a lot of water flooding through our fernery. I had to pull all the grates off the drains as they just couldnt keep up with the flood of water.

We didn’t do to badly in hindsight. We only lost power for like 14 or so hours, which in the scheme of things that happened is fine. However other places didn’t have it for 3 or 4 days. Then for the whole week all we have heard is storm this storm that, omg a storm is coming what shall we all do.

its getting to be a bit much. All monday night it was storm damage on the news, same with tuesday. you would think nothing else happened in the world. Then when you expect it to be all over, last night, same thing, more storm damage!

what more can i say. I have just added more talk to this whole storm stuff….. i am over it!

Well I do apoligise for not doing everything I had said I would while I was away. Didnt really get much of a chance to use the net at all during the trip but thats not to big of an issue. NZ was amazing! The scenery so beautiful, the experiences just awesome. Although the little differences and the accents were funny it was such a good trip.

I had the best time, the group was good and everything went pretty well. So I can’t complain. The best place on the entire trip. Bayview Chateau Tongariro. It was amazing!!!!!! I got to see real snow for the first time in my life! I was ecstatic!!! It was such an awesome experience.

I really wanna go back again soon as I can!!! Wish I could go right now but sadly back to work tommorrow!!! I have uploaded the photos but havent captioned any of them yet cause ive been up since 3am brisbane time and I am getting quite tired. So i will update soon.

NZ Famil