Well it seems it is time again to go away for work. Bit longer this time (almost a week). I am off to NZ for a famil with work.

Should be a good famil, fly out in about 4 hours to Auckland. Staying overnight out near the airport tonight and then tommorrow the 400km trek to Rotorua. Then to taupo, Tongariro and back home. Getting to do both the Riverjet and the Hukajet in the same day and it should be good.

I am driving which should be a touch different so thats all ok. I hope to god that there is going to be some GPS or maps cause i have no idea where im going!!

Anyway i will update more as i go if i can otherwise when i get back 😀

So well a lot of stuff has changed in my life since my last update. I have been majorly slack and yeah lazy. So lets look at the Good Stuff that has been happening.

I got a promotion at work. I am now a Future Team Leader, something I have been looking forward to for ages and hoping to god that It will all work out, and it has. I found out last Wednesday with this morning being my first day. I also managed to score a Famil to NZ (leaving next tuesday). It should be good and I will keep the usual travel diary up to date. Dunno how my net access will go while I am in NZ so I will probably write a lot of it and transcribe. So life has been treating me pretty well…

But as with anything in my life, once something good happens, my bad luck takes over and makes me feel like shit. So firstly, another Team I am in dissolves on me, that makes team #4. I am pretty much used to it now so it doesn’t hit me as hard as it hit the others. But then after all of this I chip my tooth AGAIN! Thats the 4th time for the same tooth! Its really god damn annoying. Back to the dentist for me! Wish i could just get it plated with metal or something. Perhaps some Gold bling right at the front!

Really sick of it actually. I will now be paranoid about it for weeks to come. Its crap… really crap. Anyway its my first day today as FTL so I should make a good impression. Will talk to you guys later 😀