So today was a big day for Plane Spotters. I am feeling the pain of my hobby, my face and neck are sunburnt and to make it worse, unevenly as well which is crap. But otherwise it was a fantastic morning.

The Qantas A380 had its first visit to Brisbane this morning and it was so good to finally see it and get photos. After all the hype it finally arrived. The loop road was packed this morning. I was pretty pissed when Nova started putting it out on the radio on my way out there and I was heading out at like 9am and only just got a car park space. It was pretty busy! Was several hundred people there by the time it arrived.

I managed to take quite a number of photos and also get myself onto Channel 10 news for a few seconds (thankfully they didnt use my interview). Took 327 photos this morning and all of them have gone up online!

What a good day to have a day off!!

Qantas A380 Arrival

Oktoberfest was on yesterday. Such an awesome invention. Lots of filling food, Lots of German beer, good company, some music, lots of chatting, and a warm spring day. Where can you go wrong. Lets just look at the list again. Music, Chatting, Food, Warmth all good so far. Beer… o no. Thats where it always goes wrong.

German Beer is awesome. But its so lethal. After pint #7 i was really fucked. I wanted more but my stomach, bladder, liver and brain were all against me. They wouldnt let me drink more… bastards. Ended up after starting around 1:30pm pretty hammered and full to the brim. So came home pretty plastered. Daniel was worse off than I was he had 10 pints and he was feeling it!

It was a good day and although I am now copping shit from other friends for not heading to a birthday party last night cause i was to chicken (and passed out at 930pm) to continue partying. Oktoberfest is good though. Mal approves.

In other news over the last few weeks just been working extremely hard trying to get every last $$$ i can get to make sure I get my goal this month. Have had the house to myself for 3 weeks now, coming up on the last week and a half. The loneliness gets to you a bit in such a big house so its nice to have friends come round for dinner. Suz, Brendan and Ross came round friday night and we played a poker game. My poker skills must really be rusty because I lost to all 3 of them and I was the only one who has played before. It has been good.

Well it is finally official I didnt wanna say anything till I had gotten approval from work as I was expecting to go back and forth with them a lot to work out all this leave, but it was suprisingly easy!

I am going back to the USA. Well more correctly North America this time as I will be visiting Canada. I intend on going back to visit a few places I went to last time and see them a little more and also to a few new places that I have wanted to go for a while. A little bit more time seeing friends etc which will be good.

here is the rough plan so far

September 9th 2009 – Final Day at work
September 10th 2009 – Pack, last minute stuff etc
September 11th 2009 – Fly to USA, arrive same day, thank you date line 😀 Arrive LA – Overnight LA Airport Hotel (yet to decide which one).
September 12th 2009 – LAX Airport Spotting – Late Afternoon/ Red eye to DC
September 13th & 14th 2009 – Washington DC
September 15th – Morning Amtrak Acela (9am ithink the train is) to New York City – Rest of day exploring NYC
September 16th & 17th New York City
September 18th to October 12th – Contiki Grand Northern Tour – New York City to Anaheim –
October 13th & 14th – Spend time with Friends in Anaheim. Unsure of what doing at this point… will update when spoken to friends
October 15th – Fly to Seattle
October 16th-18th – Seattle (lots of aircraft related stuff)
October 19th – Seattle to Edmenton
October 20th to 25th – Edmenton
October 26th – Edmenton to Vancouver
October 27th & 28th – Vancouver
October 29th – Vancouver to Hawaii
October 30th & 31st – Hawaii
November 1st – Hawaii – Home
November 3rd – Arrive home ( ithink this will be a rough date home)
November 4th – Hello Jetlag
November 5th – Back to work :(heh

All of it is based around the Contiki tour which will be a good experience to finish off the USA. I wont have much left to do but when and if I want to I can finish off the missing pieces. I have had such a good time in the USA in the past I can’t wait to go back.. it will be awesome.

anyway i have a house to finish cleaning… will post later in the week with more stuff.

I freaking hate tonsilitis. I always get it just before a big weekend of drinking or something im really looking forward to.

It usually rears its ugly head around my birthday but this year decided to wait until just before my 10 year high school reunion to taunt me!

So now I am again alcohol free for a while, till this is all said and gone. It sucks, it really does.

Work is good. Looking at a massive payout this month and possibly another HUGE one next month. I may just make #1 consultant this way!