i have been such a slacker again lately for not posting anything, but it has been a busy couple of weeks and my mind has been elsewhere. Confusion abounds inside my head and i need to make it stop 🙁 I really wish i could.

Some big things have happened lately. My two friends Brendan and Suzanne got Engaged (finally) and my other friends Blair and Nat got engaged as well (kinda saw this one coming to). To make things even better, Brendan asked me to be his best man and I was honoured to accept such a special duty. I also went to Armin Van buuren as per the below post, it was such a good night, I had so much fun and just relaxed into the music (no drugs involved thank you very much).

Just got back from my Victoria Famil as well with work, which although was short, was a fantastic time. So relaxed and chilled out that I ended up spending a little to much $$$ on some lovely fortified wine (Fergusons Shiraz Forte & De Bortoli Black Noble) plus this excellent hand made chess set from Poland. It looks so good and my project years ago of making a chess set kinda failed (not even sure what happened to that one).

In more good news, Miss Aimee the lovely lady from Adelaide ventures up here next weekend and I finally get to lay my eyes on her (hopefully! if she doesnt pike on me). I have just recently put a photo of her up on my desk at work and the rumours started instantly. Its funny screwing with peoples heads. Yena is worse for it, I have a framed photo of her on my desk (a joke from christmas) and pretty soon that photo may change to someone else. We shall see. Will be funny.

anyway i have to get ready for work, its photo day *sigh*, kill me now.

I know I use the word Epic a little to much in my life (epic fail comes to mind) but last night. That was epic. I had waited 2 years to get to see Armin Van Buuren and it was unbelievable. Such a good night, I am absolutely shattered right now, my legs are aching, my feet are a touch sore, But I just don’t care. I am a bit dissapointed I missed one song which I was really looking forward to (Big Sky) but hey you get that. Needed some chill out time in the 4 hour set that he had. I danced my heart out and it was such a good night.

I had forgotten all my worries and just went back in and enjoyed the music. It was awesome++

Every year the RNA, or the “Ekka” as just about every brisbane resident knows it (its our annual show for all you non queensland people), has a photography competition to go with their other competitions to help support Queenslanders. Along with both painting and drawing, sculpture, even quilting, cookery and a lot more in between, photography sits in with all of these other categories and they have these big competitions.

Now you don’t win much money (about $100 for first prize) but what you do get is some nice feedback from professional judges about your work and the good bit, for $5 (members cost) you can put your artwork on show for thousands and thousands of people to see. Thats something i have wanted to do for ages, i have always put it off, always said “next year” or “my photos arent good enough.”

This year i finally pulled my finger out and did something about it. 3 photos were worked on tirelessly for hours and hours, and were fussed over, worried about and even deleted and started again. I finally took those 3 photos to the printer, then the framer to be mounted. The 3 photos are now all handed in, submitted to the RNA for this years competition. Closer to the RNA i will suggest everyone goes to the Ekka and check them out. I will show small previews here so you know what to look for. But I will keep everyone posted as to how it goes.

Judging is 12Jul but i dont think i find out till at least August how it all goes.

Cross your fingers 😀

So yesterday i got to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I was quite suprised at how BAD it was. I mean it was ok up until the part where the aliens came into it. I mean WTF. Aliens! Come on now! George Lucas who wrote the Indiana Jones movies must of been smoking some really strong pot that day. Who really wants to see an Indiana Jones movie based on Aliens. Its just silly.

Its an entertaining movie I will give you that, and the people who gave me tickets are fantastic for putting it on, but that movie was just pure crap. I had heard mixed stories saying good and bad but it just got stupid. So stupid by the end of it, I was just disgusted! I couldn’t handle the crapness of it!

In other parts of my life not ranting about crap movies, Last weekend was the first Lanvictims for ages. It was a great day, got to play a heap of games and particularly the new Source Mod, Zombie Master. It was a fun game with lots of yelling at each other! Had a great time! Anyway time for me to get a shake on this morning, need to go pick up my photos for the RNA this year. Will post more about them later 😀