Anzac day comes to a close as I type this and it has been a day that just inspires thought. Every year i like to take a day out of my time to pay respects to those who made sacrifices for our freedom.

For the second year now I have made a kind of pilgrimage to Sydney for anzac day to pay my respects a little differently. Last year I was encouraged to join the 2/2nd Machine Gun Btln Association. The 2/2nd was the unit my grandad served with in WW2. They are keeping the spirit alive by having a reunion each year and the last few years as the number of originals get smaller they get the grandchildren to join up to keep it alive.

So this year I got rained on again and I didnt care. The lunch went down really well with 114 people attending. Next year I have been encouraged to march and who knows it may just be a good idea. It would be a good way to show my love for my grandad.

It was so good to see everyone out there supportung everyone. Its good to see the spirit lives on, even if some people dont get it.

Lest We Forget.

Current Location: Room 3216 Amora Jamison Hotel Sydney

well its that time of the year again. Its anzac day. But this year its lucky enough to fall across a weekend, so this time i get to spend the long weekend in sydney. Hopefully i can find someone to spend the saturday with (cause at the moment my diary looks a little empty).

its 730am and my morning coffee has been downed and I am just thinking how long the next two days are going to be 🙁 I leave straight from work tonight to the airport (aiming for the 5:36 train) and then arrive sydney tonight at 9:15. where i will either be picked up by a friend (which i reckon won’t happen) or I will have to get a train to Wynard and then walk the rest of the way as cabs in sydney cost like $50 and a Limo (which i was contemplating) is like $80 (i might recheck this and find out the exact cost of this as i could book it through work and have one last splash of $$$.

And then i have to be up at 3:30 in the morning for the Dawn Service. mmmm looks like ill be getting some sleep tonight :/ probably take it easy tommorrow night and just chill out. Find somewhere cheap for dinner around the Hotel and just chill out in front of the tv in my room. Can’t really complain I did score an absolute bargain, with the 3 nights for the price of 2 on a long weekend. Its funny they never picked up on it 😀

I will hopefully get some spotting in on sunday after lunch with my sis and will try and get some shots of the march tommorrow (weather pending of course). I know i have to do some shopping on saturday so paddys market will get a check out to find a birthday present, along with the sydney crumpler store (to see if their luggage is out yet) and perhaps one of the big mens stores in sydney cause im chasing down a hoodie 😀

anyway thats enough of my life for 730 in the morning!

Yes!!! I got tickets to Armin Van Buuren. The #1 Trance DJ in the world (as voted by some magazine i don’t read). But still I GOT TICKETS! and Earlybird tickets at that (there was only 300 of them and they sold out in 3 minutes). So so so so happy right now!!

i just had to tell everyone!!

btw if you haven’t heard any of armin’s music, jump online and find his website and he has some stuff on his site. his music is just awesome and I can’t wait!!!