ok i lie.. I probably will drink again. But zomg why do I do it! Last night had another OCAU meet and I got myself highly tanked as usual. But i swear I am never having an ABC shot again. The more commonly reffered to as a Mouthwash shot. It was a bad bad thing. Its Absynthe, Bacardi 151 and Chartreuse, all in the same shot. It is such a bad bad bad idea!

I was drunk within seconds of that thing. I had drunk a fair amount by that stage but that threw me over the line. Thankfully I didn’t repeat the christmas party by throwing up everywhere. But I was still pretty trashed and made a bad bad fool of myself.

but yes, i guess thats life, and I go back to work again tommorrow knowing that i ended up wasting a sunday trying to get over a saturday night. God i feel old all of a sudden.

Well its been all over the news lately, well not so much all over but really dominating. Now I love a good bit of drama at times. Hell at some times I often cause it. But lately I have just been dumbfounded by what is called the US Presidential Election.

It scares me at times how much power the US has but yet they take so long to pick the leader of their country. Hell from when the Election is called we usually have about 30 days till the election and even then we are not actively voting for our Prime Minister (unless you live in Krudd’s electorate). But in the USA they take it seriously. Maybe it is because we are forced to vote and in the US its voluntary.

I have gotten into the race a bit more lately after watching two of my favourite shows. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. These shows are all over the race like a rash and I have learned to work out exactly what is going on. Add into that equation my love of an old tv show called The West Wing and you have this really wierd obsession with a big White House at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue. I have seen the White House (albiet from the top of the Washington Monument) and it is not as big as it seems. I always pictured it bigger.

What i don’t understand is how complicated the US presidential race has to be. But i will keep that for tommorrow as I need to eat before I head out.

Well for about 8 months now I have been chasing Qantaslink’s Q400 which is painted in quite a unique shade of pink! Well I finally got a shot of it. And it’s not the best shot but it does! I would of preffered had it come past the loop road to Runway 14/32 but no such luck. O well. Can’t complain to much.

Now to find something else to chase. I think the new Virgin Blue E190 is a good choice!

So last night. I was out with Katherine for her birthday. And while I was waiting for her to come (i was a bit early) and after screwing around posting on the site from my phone (see previous post) I ran into two girls from high school. It really is shocking just how much people change! I have been out of school 10 years now. It is a long time, but I look back and personally I don’t see much accomplishment in my life. Sure I have done some stuff but nothing huge. I am not married, still single, no kids, no company to own, no expensive car, I don’t own a house.

But yet I am not phased by this. I know that material posessions don’t make the man. I know that just being with someone doesn’t make me complete. But you know what, as much as I want these things, I don’t really care about them that much. Sure I want to find someone to share my life with but that time will come, there is no point in me going around all mopey till I find someone.

But last night was also a good night. I got to catch up with Katherine (i bet your going to read this to) and it was good to see her again. I hadn’t been to the Normanby on a sat night before. It was not to bad. They do some pretty good food (check it out here. Even though I had to send the steak back as it was under cooked it came back pretty good, and their calamari and steak is still AWESOME!. At least the Normanby’s food hasn’t changed much. Even though the clinetelle is now mainly poser guys, morons, very high maintenance girls who enjoyed using me as a freaking pole to lean on while they tried to look all dainty and step down from a podium area. But it was a good night and I am thankful Katherine invited me out to share her quarter century. Now that she is joining me in getting older by the minute 😛

anyway almost time for the water wasting hour. My car needs its wheels cleaned!