Well i should of probably posted earlier in the week but I have been on holidays and avoiding the internet as much as possible. It has been a holiday afterall. Im sitting on my butt in a tiny net cafe inbetween some japanese place and a hungry jacks in cairns airport. It has been a wonderful 6 days. I have spent some time with Yena and myself just chilling by the pool at the Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas, did some shopping and even had this romantic dinner waterside in their fine dining restaurant where we proceeded to get ourselves stupidly drunk. Awesome!

I also spent 2 days with Yena, Jeremy and Emma, by the pool at Freestyle Port Douglas where we had an awesome dinner and got ourselves stupidly drunk. Awesome! Actually come to think of it, I have been drinking a fair amount these last few days, Cocktails, Beer, Wine, some Vodka, it has been a good holiday. I didn’t really do much in the way of sightseeing and thats mainly cause I have done it all before really. This was to be a relaxing 6 days away from work. I really needed it.

Avis gave me a Rav 4 so that was kinda interesting although the valet parking at the hotel was awesome! The service at the Sheraton was immaculate and they were always wanting to do more for you.

Anyway time is running out so I best be off. I will speak after the weekend cause this is a big one coming up!

Ok for those that don’t like rants. Move along now because welcome to rant city for the next few moments. All those wishing to skip this scroll down. All those ready for the rant, buckle in.

So it has been raining constantly lately. I am happy for the rain, Brisbane needs it. What I am sick of though is peoples reaction to rain. I am not even going to start on how retarded people get when it rains and they are meant to go on holiday. I am going to focus on people doing every day things. It seems that rain causes normally normal people to change and just become STUPID!

Today alone I almost got jabbed in the head by a golf umbrella and watched some lady look like she was going to loose it cause she was going to get wet in the whole half meter between the yellow line and the train door at the station. I mean WTF! Its a bit of water, get the hell over it. I personally hardly ever use my umbrella. Simply cause I am usually just walking bugger all distance and happy to get a touch wet. I mean if its torrential I will try and cover myself with an umbrella. Otherwise if I know its raining and its cold, I will grab a jacket, if its not, I will just grab a hat to keep the water out of my eyes. Simple as! Also you do not need umbrella UNDER COVER! Its not raining undercover, put it down as a courtesy to others. That way i don’t get impaled by your oversized umbrella you NUBCAKES.

ok I think i have finished ranting now, calmness has returned and you may now return to your reguarly scheduled fapping

Well… when I originally planned to write this post I was going to spout on about how awesome life is at the moment. Going away next week, drinking with my friend brendan yesterday for the superbowl and how awesome it was for the Patriots to get a perfect season. Well that life following the motto “laissez les bons temps rouler (French Cajun for Let the Good Times Roll)” went down the toilet yesterday.

I still have all the good stuff in my life, but the patriots got ROBBED! F#%king robbed! I am sure you would have seen it as it has been all over the news but the Giants scored a touchdown in the last 30 seconds of the game to clinch the title. Proving that in American Football. 2 mins is an eternity and definately time enough to score. But i was devestated and I felt as heart broken as Patriot fans everywhere. Watching our beloved team lose the Superbowl and be denied that perfect season. They would of gone down in history as the first team to ever go unbeaten for the 19 game season (Miami Dolphins of 1972 were unbeaten but only played 17 games).

So yes I did drown my sorrows full of beer, and it felt good to be happy. But still it is a very heart braking moment. It also seems that everyone i know is a Giants fan because I have not heard the end of it today. Geez talk about hatred towards someone they don’t even follow!!! I am getting people telling me sucked in and they don’t even follow the sport so all I can say to that is STFU.

By the way for anyone who wants to know what the whole “laissez les bons temps rouler” stuff is. When I was in Memphis last year, Adrian and I along with Maryanna, Michelle and Lisa all were drinking at the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel. We met a barman named Cajun (New Orleans native) and he pretty much gave me a very memorable night by teaching us that saying and also giving us heaps of free drinks. So to Cajun I dunno if you will ever read this but thanks buddy! I will try and live my life by the guide you gave.