So I have been thinking about beer lately. Been trying to drink it a little more often (being a water shortage and all it means i have an excuse) but looking around i miss a few yummy brews i tried in the US but definately cant find them over here. Don’t worry neither will be Bud or Millers Genuine Draft as you can get them over here. But in the USA they are good for a swilling beer. So here is a couple of the ones i miss.

Shiner Bock – Found this one in Amarillo, actually recommended to me by Keith (IRISH!) Pretty nice beer, native to Texas, never saw it outside of texas, only really had it those few nights while I was there but a pretty nice tasting brew.

Abita – Found this one in New Orleans when I was at the cooking school. Started by a teenager in his bedroom making beer without his parents knowledge. When they found out, they apparently liked it and decided to back him brewing it properly. Turns out its a big hit in the south. Loved it, really wish i could get it over here, definately one of the beers that i could just constantly drink.

Pacifico – Another beer recommended to me, this time by kenna. First try was at the Baseball in Anaheim. Picked up a Pacifico Bomber (24oz) for $12… such a rip off but such an awesome beer. Its a mexican beer but much nicer taste than Corona in my opinion. Really popular out on the West Coast states so had it for a bit through the first part of the tour thankfully, and a bit on the east coast but not much. Very nice beer, loved it!

Blue Moon – Similar to Hoegarden White, but not as citrusy, very filling and very cloudy. Biggest memory of this beer was buying a pitcher (like 2 litres) in Raleigh and not even finishing the pitcher it was so filling!

So those are the beers from the USA i miss the most. Unfortunately all I am going to be able to get over here is Budweiser (which is not to bad but for the prices you pay over here its a rip off), and Millers. Might get the occasional corona but yeah still not the same. I saw they have just recently bough Michelbob out to Australia. Thats like the VB of the USA. It is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah. I miss my US beers, guess ill have to go back to my Coopers Sparkling Ale and my Cascade Light.