Well it is new years eve. The end of the world.. i mean 2007 is nigh. As today draws to a close so does this year of big events for me. It will be a sad time (yeah right) but the future for next year is bright and the horizon looks clean (apart from the smog?).

Some of the past achievements and highlights of my life for 2007:
* My first Anzac Day with the 2nd/2nd Machine Gun Battalion Association
* Meeting plenty of new friends and spending time with them
* Constantly winning work awards for top performer
* Winning Top Performer of the year
* Going off to my first ever All Stars (big work trip where its all luxury) thanks to my own work and not cause someone was away
* Plenty of travelling during the early parts of the year to sydney and the whitsundays
* My worst birthday ever.
* My first trip overseas on my own.
* Getting plastered in Vegas to make up for my birthday
* My first American Football and Baseball games
* Seeing my friends Michelle and Kenna in Orange County and being driven around in a Hummer
* Going to Disneyworld’s Epcot Center. Something I have wanted to do all my life
* Getting so blind drunk at the christmas party i was throwing up (thankfully afterwards in the hotel room).
* Catching up with old high school friends.

There has been so much that I have done over the last year but typical of me my brain has not been working that great. So feel free to suggest some of the good times we have had together over this year to bump up my memory.

Here is to a good 2008 and for those who are going out tonight, stay safe, drink lots and don’t forget to party HARD!

Food, Glorious, Food, there is nothing quite like it!

Yeah my singing sucks but food is awesome. We all know I love my food but I also love to cook. So this weekend in preparation for Christmas I have been slaving away!

Saturday I spent a very frustrating morning trying to buy from the Farmers markets at New Farm. Took me over half an hour to find a parking spot and then over 10 minutes to walk from the parking spot to the markets. Should of parked near Tennerife and gotten the ferry! But i digress.

So with food in hand I made my way home to spend the next 5 hours prepping, mixing and then boiling my first ever plum pudding. It looks HUGE! Dunno how it will taste yet as we won’t cut it till tommorrow. Also did some baking yesterday of some Bread for the food day today and also some caramel tarts for mum.

Tonight though I will be cooking up a storm once I get home of Potato Salad & Coleslaw in preparation for tommorrow, and then just before lunch on Xmas day I just have to prep the green salad and the christmas feast is ready to go!.

There will be some more photos I might throw up but there are some of the Plum Pudding up already at the below link.

Xmas Food 2007

Oh my god (i would of written zomg but half the people who read this blog don’t know what that means so i wont) I drank WAY to much last night. By way to much I mean way to f#$king much!. I am not exactly sure how much it was. I do know I had a couple of beers at Jade Buddha, that was nice and slow and easy and then after that Once I got to vino’s for the xmas party.. well thats when the wine started getting consumed… quickly. I am not exactly sure how much I drank but I know that it was at least 4+ bottles of white wine, just to me.

It was definately a good night, I was happy, mucking around, had some fun and drank myself stupid. Took lots of photos (what else is new) and then somewhere around 11 (i think not quite sure) i somehow walked to a cab, jumped in and then next thing I know I was in my hotel, chatting with the porcelain king.. everywhere.. it was eww

But by 11am this morning I was fine. Its amazing what 2 panadol at 5am and lots of sleep can fix. But yeah. Lots of booze, nice people, my friends, a good time, what more can you want…. well being able to remember the night would be nice.

Today was good. Just hung out with Yena had a very late breakfast at Alibi room. I had the “Truckers Breakfast” and it was awesome! Although I did miss out on my eggs and my chips but hey, who cares I still had savoury mince, spinach, baked beans, hash browns, bacon, toast, coffee, steak, sausages, mushrooms and tomato. It was great, but I didnt finish it all.

Photos from last night are up in the usual spaces.

AOT Xmas Party 2007

Ok its about time i released my plans from what has been happening the last few weeks. Since I returned back from the States I have wanted to go back, to work, to live, to travel, to explore and experience more of the country. So since returning once I was settled in groups (which I am now) I decided it was about time to start focusing on my next portion of my life. I had already contacted HR & the Inbound manager about this position and was getting it all ready, working on my NZ knowledge, planning to go over and visit NZ so i got some experience. actually in the country. But all of that changed on Wednesday. The Job ad came out earilier than expected. A LOT earlier. So its now all real.

I’ll explain a bit about the job. I would still be part of the AOT Group, working with Tourplan (damn) but working in San Diego in the office of one of inbound’s partners. This is something I have wanted for a while and although the short lead time seems daunting (2 months) I should be ok. The position would start in Feb and at present thats about as much of the info I can get. I will try and get more during the interview process and I will keep everyone up to date. I have had a look online at the company and where its located (its near Quallcomm stadium home of the San Diego Chargers and close to a couple of Airports) and also at the history of the company.

At times it all seems to good to be true but then also my brain does its usual self doubt as well and also the overthinking things that I always do to myself. I have to try and make sure that I clear my head often and not think about it to much. I don’t even have the job yet so I need to make sure I just take it as it comes. If i do get the job though…. Its gonna be one big ass going away party 😀

Anwyay its early and im bored already… i hate it when my body decides to wake up at 630am.