Wow.. what a big weekend. The one thing I love about living in Queensland is the ability to go from the Big City to the relaxing feel of a Beach town in around an hour (less depending on where you live). Its great to be able to have this change, to get out and away from the big city to the relaxation of the beach and just relax. It’s good. I mean the Gold Coast is by no means the perfect beach area (well Surfers isn’t but Burleigh is getting pretty close). But its close enough and to my tastes.

The Federal Election was on Saturday and that saw me having to work out who to vote for. In previous years I have donkey voted and this year seemed like a great time to keep up the tradition. Now I don’t mean the illegal kind of donkey vote where you draw your own box or just write stuff or maybe draw a penis or two on the voting form (not that I have done that!). I am talking a throw away vote. I didn’t care who I have voted for in the past (apart from the occasional local election) and this year was no difference. I mean I didn’t care who ran the country as both options seem pretty good (despite what my parents, the staunch liberal if labour gets into power the sky will fall kinda people they are, say). I mean it’s not really going to impact my life to much so I never care.

But then the problem was this year. What way do I donkey vote this year. I have in the past always chosen the dumbest sounding party for the senate (i think i voted for the fishing party once, although had I had a person from the What Women Want party up here I would of voted for that straight away). So that was the big white sheet taken care of. But what about the all important Green sheet. Do I vote the idiots in (Family First, Greens etc) or do I take on a previous approach of voting for the person with the dumbest name (did that for a council election back when Tamara Tonight ran and she came 3rd!). But no being in a new electorate I decided a new approach was in order. We had a few female applicants for the electorate. So the vote was going to the hottest female applicant! I won’t say who I vote for but just be sure… she was the hottest of bunch, although that Greens candidate for the senate would of won had she been on my green ticket 😉

On saturday night I finally got to the concert that I had booked for almost 6 months ago. Back when the tour of the Whitlams was only a rumour. I have waited 6 long months for this and the day was finally here. Finally got to see the Whitlams with the Queensland Orchestra. Realised on Saturday morning I had booked a cheap seat up the back rather than down the front in one of the boxes like I had though I had booked (idiot!). The concert was phenomenal though, some very good old school whitlams songs not much of the new stuff (what I am mostly familiar with). Only one song I did not like but that was mainly cause they had to much orchestra in it and not a more prominent mix of the two but overall… AWESOME!

Sunday I spent the day, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I escape with Ang, Suz, Brendan and Ross to the Gold Coast. Returned to an old stomping ground of mine, The Burleigh Heads esplenade. Now the esplenade has changed a lot since I was a child. It used to be a raggity pathway/footpath along the grass between the road and the beach. Not anymore. With BBQ’s, shelters, toilets, play areas, fitness equipment and a beautiful meandering path, it looks so different. What a few years away can do to a place!.

It was good to escape and spend time with my friends, enjoying the sun, frivolity, stupidity and the just down right fun!

O boy I tell you what. I don’t know how I did it on holidays. Had the first night out on the town fully drinking last night since i returned in country. And today I am just shattered. Slept till 1pm this afternoon. I really don’t know how I did it. I was always up within a few hours of going to sleep, always managing to be awake all day. Today I have just been a walking non sensical blob (nothing much different there).

In other news, the mo has been shaved due to a bad trimming accident, where a botched job meant having to shave the whole thing off, although I probably look much better without it. Haircut, mo shaved, I hit the town looking good. Didn’t pick up though (on par there).

Been invited to sydney for new years, unsure if I am going to go yet, dunno where to stay and dunno if I will be working or not as roster has not been released that far in advance (i think im like halfway through december at the moment). So not sure what to do. I would love to catch up with some of the people from the states trip but not sure if i can afford to or even get down there etc.

anyway photos from last nights shenanigans.

BTC's Birthday

There is a reason I love nothing more than going to the Airport and taking photos. Yesterday morning was a good example of that. I went out really to get a photo for my friend Katherine of her check flight with the Airline she is working for. Was going to be a quick stop at the airport. Well when i woke up things didnt go that way to begin with. I was planning on getting the new Etihad flight as well while I was there as it was around the same time. Except yesterday it was almost an hour early. So I dashed off to the airport quickly to make sure I didn’t miss out.

Luckily it happened as a hell of a lot of aircraft I had not shot before came in. To mention a few:
* Virgin Blue Embrarer E170
* Freedom Air Warner Brothers Scheme
* Jetstar Titans Scheme
* Eva Air
* Japan Airlines 747-400
* OzJet
And lots of other goodies. If only the Pink Dash 8 had of come in then I would of been in heaven (turns out it was in Tassie).

Thats one of the reasons I love this hobbie. A simple trip to the Airport can bring me lots of good photos but also allows me to possibly see things that I have not seen before or will rarely see. I love it! I don’t care what other people think. It may be nerdy, it may be silly to some, but its what I love.