Ok im safe and sound on the ground in LA. Internet is expensive at the hotel (69c a minute). Will update later. Flights were good. Packed for both of them. I tell you what its been a while since I have done such a long flight and bugger me AVOD is a god send. Anyway im gonna go find somewhere cool to sit cause its hot as hell and im tired as all buggery (ive been awake 24 hours).

To everyone at work, not missing you a bit. To everyone else… miss you heaps!

Well if you look above I am now into the Single Digits of days left to go. My ears should be good to go (ive been popping them several times a day), My flu is almost gone and I now have everything ready.

I was a bit dissapointed to find that I am only allowed to take one piece of carry on luggage as I was hoping to be able to take my Camera in its brown camera bag. But sadly no 🙁 I wish I could as it would make things so much easier, to be able to carry a back pack and a camera bag but i highly doubt I will be allowed. O wells. I’ve done all the final purchases, the special TSA approved lock, some toothbrush covers (im leaving the electric toothbrush behind), the power adaptor and also a multi tool (impulse buy).

I am really looking forward to the trip at the moment. So many sacrifices have been made to put this trip into place, working extra hard, no leave etc. I drove my body into the ground and have spent most of this month sick, never doing that again thats for sure.

This time next week i’ll be partying in vegas, exploring and enjoying myself. Anyway i best be doing something constructive with my day. I think some BF2 is in order (i finally made staff sergeant).

Next update… Anaheim 😀

Its good to finally be resting on my day off after an amazing weekend. Friday started the weekend of the AOT Holidays Conference. It was the first time anything like this has ever been done so it was a bit different. I have to say that it was enjoyable. I was a bit uncertain to begin with considering I had to come home early Sunday morning to work but it all turned out good. Friday night was something that will sit with me for a while. I headed down after work with Tanya and Dominique in tow for the Platinum dinner at a mystery location. Now I hate suprises but I sucked it up and didnt push it with this one after my efforts of finding stuff out for All Stars didnt go down to well… But luckily when Richard arrived at our shared room on Friday afternoon, he blabbed we were going to Big Brother. Now I went to Big Brother last year for the Reward famil (there are photos around somewhere of it), but I was really wanting to see how they had changed the house from last year. So Big Brother does his usual rules etc etc everyone tries joking around and he starts picking on certain people. It brought back plenty of memories of Stretch, Windy and Shezza. The diary room photos were flooded as usual but this time there was an Intruder to the house. Rebecca from this years Big Brother. I was shocked. She was so beautiful and fun and didn’t drink. I didn’t think such a woman existed. She was an amazing person to speak to and hear her stories of BB this year. Got a few photos with her and she spent just about the entire night with us. It was a great experience.

Saturday was the conference itself and it was mainly about the coming year ahead and how things are going to bee improved. We had a Product Race in the afternoon to help us learn some things and also do some team building. I had a pretty good team from a wide cross section of the business and we did pretty well we thought. I had a lot of compliments about my product knowledge that afternoon and I have never really thought of it as that good but everyone seems to think different. We spent the rest of the afternoon outside learning some basic samba music and rythym. I was learning to play the floor toms and it was good but had to concentrate a lot.

That night was the Innaugrul AOT Holidays Awards. I was roped into being photographer for the night but I didn’t mind as I had my new camera lens to test out and some new set ups if the card runs over. The only downside to the photographer side is I now have like several hundred photos to process, and most of the shots are in raw. The awards were fantastic, It was such an experience and I loved it. The entertainment for the night was Millsy from Australian Idol and all the girls were drooling like little school girls. It was such an amazing weekend. Although I didn’t party on with everyone till 3 or 4 or even 5 in the morning, I still had a good time.

Now I have photos to process 🙁

*edit* photos finished

AOT Holidays Conference