Wow. I cant believe it. In just over a month.. I’m to be going to Dallas to watch “Gods team” play. It may cost me quite a bit ($115AUD) but I just don’t care. This is something that will be a once in a lifetime thing for me. I am going to an NFL game. Brendan will be jealous (till he finally gets to see a packers game that is) but I know deep down if I did not do this. I would leave the USA feeling like I had not done something I could of done.

I know that this one night (its a sunday night football game) could possibly be the best night of my life. I will finally get to see the game that I enjoy so much. I would love it even more if it was the Patriots but I can’t have it all. This holiday is going to be amazing. So much fun and so many new experiences. Partying in Vegas, watching football in texas, seeing the Grand Canyon from a Helicopter, Seeing the Giant Golf Ball at Epcot. Touching the WW2 Memorial in Washington DC, Seeing the Enola Gay and then Seeing Miss Liberty herself in New York.

I pick up my tickets tommorrow, so there is no way I can back out at all. Its all go and no turning back. Kinda like a Kangaroo or an Emu, neither can move backwards only forwards.

Next week is stars so will post more about that when I get back. It will be interesting I’m sure.

Point of No Return

Well its now official. There is no turning back. Today was the cut off for final payment for my USA tour. I had paid friday but today it was official. The final payments have been made on this trip and its all on now. So its about time I actually told you what I was doing. I am doing two Contiki tours. The first is the 24 Day Grand Southern (link) which goes from Los Angeles (Anaheim really) to New York. Now this tour is something that I have wanted to do for quite a number of years now and I have not had the time to do it or ever really justify it. The 2nd tour I am doing is called Big Apple Explorer and is simply a 4 day tour of New York (link). This tour should give me a total of 28 days on tour. I’ll give you a quick run down of my itinerary.

28th August – Last day at work
29th August – Packing, Final run around etc
30th August – Fly out of Brisbane – Air New Zealand – NZ6 BNE-AKL-LAX (YBBN-NZAA-KLAX). Arrive same Day into Los Angeles and check in for two nights at the Best Western Stovalls Inn.
31st August – Free Day, probably catching up with Elm, Kenna, Michelle, Robin etc
01st September – Grand Southern Tour Departs Anaheim
24th September – Grand Southern Tour Arrives New York – Over Night Hotel Beacon New York City.
25th September – Big Apple Explorer Starts
28th September – Big Apple Explorer Finishes – Say goodbye to all my new friends – Start Flying Home – United Airlines – UA27 JFK-LAX Air New Zealand – NZ5 LAX-AKL
30th September – Arrive Home in Brisbane on NZ135 AKL-BNE

It will be a torturous ride home being on the move for 2 days but I do not mind. I have already started getting to know some people coming on the tour and in my mind this will make for a fantastic month off work. It will be a trip of a lifetime for me. I can guarantee I will come back with some good close friends again. This time it will be easier to stay in touch as the big majority of the tour I believe will be Aussie.

I am a touch scared though. Deep down the one thing I am worried about are the flights. I mean I love flying however this is the first time I will be flying alone for so long. I guess I will have to just relax and try and sit things out. Anyway I’m tired it has been a long day. More about the trip in coming weeks.