So well you all know that I am a Pastafarian and I do enjoy a good noodle every now and then. Whether it be Ramen (a japenese noodle) some Mi Goreng (indonesian noodle) some Italian Pasta (Spaghetti and Meatballs ftw) but what remains a complete mystery to me is the random asian noodle bowl. While I was picking up some Mi Goreng on Thursday in the Valley ($10 for a box of 30 packets.. Bargain++) I found the rest of the noodle isle just perplexing. An overwhelming amount of these wonderful noodles that just boggles my mind. I mean where else can you find these big noodle bowls with no english at all on them apart from a “Translation” of the flavour. I mean where else can you buy such goodies as “Lobster Flavoured”, Scallop Flavoured, or my favourite Stewed Pork Cutlet Bone flavoured.

Where do they come up with this stuff. So i picked what i thought was going to be good and picked one that was “Spicy Beef but it was Air Dried so was “healthier” and the other was “Sichuan Beef”. So i came home and thought to myself, here goes nothing and grabbed the Sichuan Beef flavour. I thought to myself this doesn’t look to bad with a big bowl of noodles (apparently it was the SUPABOWL!) and some vegies like in the Aussie ones and some power. But then there was the foil bag. When i felt it, it had like chunky bits in it and when I tipped it out was full of red/orange stuff. I was like “omg this is going to burn i can just tell”

So after adding the bowling water and running away to not look at it for 5 minutes I came back opened it back up and found this like amazingly potent smelling broth full of noodle. I tried it and I was thinking to myself its spicy but i can deal with it. But after a few good mouthfulls I was in agony. I think i drank like a litre of water. And this was the non spicy one i thought. I am such an idiot. Today im trying the spicy beef flavour. Hopefully I will have some mouth left! But at least at work there is an endless supply of cold water!

Mi Goreng on the other hand are endlessly versatile. They are like the Rolls Royce of 2 minute noodles. They go well with “additions”. My fav so far has just been with all the 5 packets (Seasoning Powder, Dried Onion Flakes, Kecap Manis (sweet soy), Chilli Sauce and i think its called Seasoning Oil) in it and then just adding some Tuna and some been salad and a touch of Corn and Mushrooms and a tiny bit of cheese.

On news other than what is currently making me extra hungry the end of the Financial Year is just over 7 days away (thank fucking christ) and I am going to be happy its over. My trip is quickly approaching and in about 2 weeks I will post up the Itinerary etc after paying finals on this trip. I bought my new camera lens for while I’m away so everything is getting closer and closer!