Transformers to me will always hold a very dear place in my heart. I always loved the TV shows, and then on top of that was the toys. Countless and endless hours into my teenage years did I love transformers. Countless hours spent in front of the tv watching the ever present battle between Good and Evil (and of course i loved the Autobots). When transformers ended I was sad. I probably grew out of the Toys quicker than the TV shows which was probably a good thing.

However now in 2007 they have RETURNED! I was really happy to know they were going to remake the TV series into a Movie. I was hoping to god they were not going to butcher the original cartoon like they did with Transformers: Armada and the other Japanese versions of the cartoons. I mean Optimus Prime as a fire truck WTF! But it was going to be live action and although they could not use everything authentic they were going to at least keep stuff similar. So although it won’t be 100% the same I will still enjoy it. I have watched countless trailers and teasers, read endless spoilers on what is happening and yet still I want more.

Every time i watch one of the teasers or trailers I want more of it. The movie looks fantastic. Their was an interview with Michael Bay (the director) and he said that the teasers and trailers are not the best scenes with the Robots in it. Now these video clips look fantastic so now I just want to know how awesome it will be. Its less than a month away to release date and I am acting like a 5 year old wanting it NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! I can’t help it though it looks phenomenal.

Overtime though you would think a love like this would deminish. I mean I am now 25 (almost 26) and deep down I still love those Big Shiny Robots who were stranded on Earth and stayed to protect us from the Evil that is among us. There is something deep down that just wants to believe in that story and want it to be true. Good vs Evil will always be an epic battle but Good Robots vs Evil Robots. Thats just awesome!

Ok so yesterday was what felt like one of my longest days in the last few weeks.

I was up at 6am nice and early still in the darkness, preparing myself for a long day ahead. I filled myself with lovely coffee brewed fresh from my machine. O how coffee keeps me alive. It is the beans from merlo that i love and adore, and when mixed with water and a touch of TLC they provide me with this fantastic thing known as caffeine. It is this coffee that wakes me up and prepares me for the day.

Anyway so after coffee I was headed for the Jan Powers Farmers markets in New Farm. I was originally going with my friend Yena, however she piked at last minute. So I spent almost 90 minutes wandering through the markets sampling and enjoying myself. Tempted to buy so much stuff I did not need but i managed to control myself. I did come away with plenty of fresh produce ready for dinner last night. After picking up some meat on the way home along with all the other essentials i was prepared for a monstrous day of prep cooking ready for a dinner party that showed i can cook and cook well.

The line up for the dinner party was a beautiful three courses:
Entree: Three Cheese Quesadillias with Avacado & Tomato Salsa
Main: Central American Chilli beef with Chocolate
Dessert: Chocolate Ganache Tart with Sour Cream Pastry

So all of these recipes were taken from websites or TV shows in some form or other. I began by setting out to make the pastry for the tart however as i went to check that the food processor worked it sounded like the motor was going to die any second. So i toddled off to Big W and $60 later i was holding in my hands a lovely new machine of food chopping and smashing and blending glory. I began with the pastry which although is a lot of stages, is actually very simple to make.

With the pastry in the fridge chilling, I began by prepping my vegies for the chilli. Onions done (my hands are gonna stink for months i just know it), Chilli done and more I began the Chilli and as it began its 90 minutes of slow cooking on the stove, I pulled the pastry out and began to cook that. Although after the first attempt at rolling it out I failed so I started again by balling it back up and shoving it in the Freezer.

2nd attempt at the pastry was much better and into the oven it went to bake. With the tart filling made (really simply just pouring hot boiling cream over chocolate) it was all finished! It was a wonderous. With the chilli also finished its 90 minutes of slow cooking goodness I could toddle off to the Bottle shop. Dan Murphys is fairly new to Brisbane people but has been on the gold coast for quite some time. I love it. It is like a bottleshop on crack. So much stuff. So little time to choose and I want it all!! I managed to pick up some clean skin wine and some Lowenbrau (I was remiscent of my Sydney trip) and I was happy to ply myself away.

When i got all the food to Brendan & Suzanne’s later that night I made up the Entree by just chopping everything up and shoving it into the bowl (probably wont make so much next time). It was a good night with the dinner looking awesome and going down well (I hope).

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Yena messaged me this morning offering free tickets to the Broncos game today and I tell you what, even though I don’t follow Rugby League it was a good game with the Broncos thrashing the Knights 71 to 6. I did though reiterate to myself that XXXX Gold tastes like ass, and should only be served to Bogans or those who have nothing else to drink when trapped at the footy (they normally serve Hahn light but we were seated up in Alcatraz and they have shitty bars and hence no hahn only XXXX Gold. Bastards.

You just gotta love fog. It covers all the ugliness in the world. But the best thing is that it covers Sydney Airport. I know in the past I have complained of getting stuck in fog previously however when it happens and I am not there it is a good thing (except for the follow on effects at work but schmeh).

Today was another winters day in Sydney with a lovely cloud of fog. With a bit of pre warning from my friend Tanya (thanks babe!) and the intarweb it was a quick dash to the airport to get some shots before they all high tailed it back to Sydney once the airport cleared.

Got some lovely shots, Solomons E170, British Airways 747-400, Jetstar A330, Korean 777. Also saw a heap of other planes we don’t get in here at all. Couple of 747-400ER’s from Qantas, British Airways 777, Asiana, Eva Air. It was a glorious morning. Till my batteries died. O well thats what i get for not charging them.

Will have to charge the batteries incase another mad dash to the airport is required. I have uploaded a few photos from today to my online gallery of the better shots which are hosted in the usual spot.

Spotters Photos

I apparently have finally done something right for my mum lately. Lately mum has been real grumpy at me. She was totally believing me all she was getting for mothers day was a pair of $2 slippers from Hayman (the free ones they give you in the room). Don’t immediately think bad. My mum loves these slippers. So I had her totally fooled for weeks on end thinking she was only getting this. Thing is I was totally lying. I had in fact while in Sydney picked up a dvd for mothers day. It is her favourite conductor. Andre Rieu. It may sound boring but its what she enjoys.

While I was in Sydney I came across his dvd from New York. I thought mum and dad had seen it. But apprently they haven’t. So mum is currently watching it, over the moon, tears streaming down her face she is so happy. I’m like YAAAAAAAAAAY. Finally i’m out of the bad books.

I’m sure most of you don’t care I just thought id share.

O and for those who want some funny I have come across the funniest ya mum joke around.

“I’d hit your mum so hard that the next person to pull me out would be crowned the King of England”

So I have been looking around for a while now for some new sunnies to replace my venerable Revo’s. There is nothing wrong with the old sunnies but After about almost 2 years with these sunnies they are getting kinda tired and I felt i needed some new ones. For a while now as well I have been just browsing for a new watch. Something to replace my work watch which I wear every day and have been since like year 8 (when dad gave me this watch). Today I was meeting Kelly for lunch in the city so I thought i might go in a bit earlier and check out what I could find in the city. I hadn’t planned on getting anything at all. I walked up to Sunglass Hut in the city. Had some awesome music pumping (with a DJ mixing on some decks as well) and some very cute girls working in the store. Thought to myself, now this is the way to shop, I could be happy with this. So I went in and remembered that Blair had some Raybans that looked pretty good. Immediately as I walked up towards some sunnies one of the cute staff members was up to offer me some help (and probably try to make a sale). Had a look at a few different pairs and found a couple of pairs I liked and was probably not going to get anything. She went off to help another couple (o well no sale for her) and another staff member came up while I was trying on some sunnies. This girl was a lot cuter. She came up and immediately asked if I needed some help and if she can maybe pick out a few styles for me. I said I was just looking and she said not a problem. As I tried on another pair she saw me put a pair on and said “they look great on you” (they looked ok) and then she asked a couple of questions about what I was after etc so I thought I may as well give her a break and let her try and sell me something. She didnt actually pick anything out but definately pointed me in the right direction.

They did mention that I would get a free watch with purchase but i was like schmeh it will just be some dodgy thing. So after a great lunch catching up with Kelly, I thought I need some female advice of the none sales kind. So we went down to Sunglass Hut and I tried them on infront of Kelly. And of course over somes the same sales girl. After independant female approval i was like ill take it! Wasn’t to bad $220 for the glasses and they looked good. I was like so i get a free watch big deal it will be crap. So the sales girl takes me over to this wall of all these amazing looking watches which are probably pretty expensive. She says to me “pick whichever one you want” I was gobsmacked. Asked her if she was serious and she says yes. I picked up a watch that immediately pulled my interest and then checked the price ($220) and shes like that looks good. It was something that would go down well at work so thought why the hell not 😀

So after kelly saw me get the $220 watch for free she was like “OMG I HAVE TO GET SOMETHING NOW!” so she went off to look around while I paid for my purchases. Kelly never ended up getting anything but I was happy with my purchase. I am still a tad gob smacked about the whole free watch thing. I have to go back to the store on monday to get them to take a link out cause its a tad to big around the wrist. Was good to catch up with kelly hear about all the stuff I have missed and just catching up with such an awesome person.

In other news, nothing huge. Another Star night down on tuesday with another certificate in the bag. Getting closer and closer to end of year.

Photo of watch and Sunnies.
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So last night was the mega birthday party/Blarbq which happens once a year. It was a good night. I decided to have a few things I dont normally drink. While at Dan Murphy’s yesterday (my new favourite bottleshop) found a Throwdown of Bundy and cola. If you don’t know what a Throwdown is it is a 250ml Bottle. Usually found as beers such as XXXX or VB it is often something drunk by the older generation. My Grandma and Grandpa used to drink throwdowns all the time so thats probably where I will always remember them from. For some people they are the perfect glass sized beer but for me id rather have a Stubbie or Tallie.

So along with the Throwdown I was drinking a Fosters Tallie. Yes thats right. Fosters. I know i know, i said the dirty F word. Its not as bad as everyone says. I first tasted it onboard the boat to Hayman. I was quite suprised with just how nice it actually is. I quite enjoyed it, and for $3.70 a Tallie, why the hell not (i usually drink Coopers Sparkling tallies which are like $5 each). On top of that yesterday I decided to drink some Vodka i bought out of my mate Snuffy (adam) case buy. He bought some “Petrovka Vodka”. Apparently some high end vodka directly imported from Russia. At $15 a bottle I thought it was a bargain for some top end vodka. Wrong.

Tried the vodka just after he gave it to me. Just a small amount, straight, no ice. erch! It was pretty horrible. So into the Freezer it went. Which helped to improve the taste muchly. So 3/4 of a Bottle later and all the beer and bundy consumed it was around 2am by this point i was stuffed. It was a good party i must say. I also ended up crashing at Blair’s for a few hours on a mattress on the floor. Around 5:45 i remember waking up thinking, I dont feel so good and going to the bathroom. I emerged looked at the clock and went “i should go home” i was pretty sober by this time (i think). So i drove myself home nice and carefully. Several times during the drive i could feel my stomach just tighten a little and I could tell what was going to happen once i got home.

Pulled up at home left everything in the car cept my keys and just ran for the bathroom. I proceeded to have a chat with the Porcelain king and we had a love little talk. Once I waived him goodbye i dragged myself to bed and just collapsed. Once awakened this morning I didn’t have a hangover but was just mega tired and felt like crap (is that a hangover?). I tell you what I have no idea what caused it but when pulling the Bottle of vodka out of my bag after finally waking up and feeling half decent this morning I looked at the bottle and thought. This is the stuff that probably made me feel like crap. I was going to keep it till my body had the final word. It proceeded to pour the leftover vodka down the drain.

Lessons Learnt from last night.
Cheap Vodka BAD!
Fosters GOOD!
Throwdowns FUN!

Now for sleep.