Well today was the first day of my new resolution to get myself a bit more in shape before heading to the USA. I want to be able to walk a lot further without feeling like utter crap. So with that every sunday (dependant upon work if i have to work a sunday i’ll just change the days) i will be walking a good 45 mins or so (around 3-4k). The route that i will take and can very depending upon how much time it will take takes me along the notorious Kedron Bike Path (i think someone got stabbed on it) and through the lovely back streets of Everton Park. If i start picking up my time ill just extend my route on the bike path longer or maybe do a one way on the bike path (which is 6.8k).

I can tell you what though, it’s tiring, cause i feel like utter shit at the moment although better than when i walked in. I think i need better shoes cause the ones i was wearing are killing my feet. Might have to go get new ones. But my time to beat next week is 46mins 41 seconds. I am not sure really how much it is gonna do each week but I am hoping it at least will help me feel like I am not going to die every time i have to walk somewhere.

Other news this week, Ross an old friend of mine is off to Brunei for about a week (bastard) and he gets a free upgrade to Business class. So if you know anyone travelling from Brunei to Brisbane next sunday, tell them to go Business class… muahahahaha (sorry buddy but its just unfair :P). Last night I was at Flora’s birthday party of which I will upload some photos later on. It was good although i piked early cause i was feeling tired after working since 8am yesterday. Flora was up belly dancing and so was Nav (which was hilarious).

The spotting photos have been updated on my webspace with 6 new shots taken this week while chasing the China Eastern charter. One day soon i might go down and try and chase the China Airlines A330-200 and see if I can get it. Also Eva Air i still don’t have. Now that I have the Emirates 773 and the Thai 772 new colours I need something new to chase (that is apart from Brunei’s RBK & RBF for Ross).


Flora’s Birthday
Spotters Photos

Well saturday night was a fantastic night. It was the annual OCAU Cakes of the Pan (pancake) Scoff. It was a fantastic night, partying, eating and drinking. I went out with $100 came home with $6 and i remember each and every little bit of it. The night was so much fun. Daniel (navillus) came up from Sydney for just the night so that was great it was as though it was a repeat of the Sydney meet with Me, Flora, Erin and Nav out partying again. But this time i got to party with all of my other friends. We started the night with the “collective” at the casino. I was only expecting a few people for some pre dinner drinks. turned out to be 20 people. Was like sweet this is gonna be a good night. By the time we got to pancakes the numbers were up to 56. Pancakes was great i fed myself stupid with pancakes and it only cost me $8.50. Had some drinks below pancakes at the Knight Bar and then we headed off to Union Jacks for some cheap drinks and good music and dancing.

The podium was danced on by many including me and It was at Union Jacks that i began drinking some more Gin. Now while i was in Sydney i tried Gin for the first time. It tastes damn good with some Tonic water and some lemon. Around midnight we were still at Union Jacks and it was at this point that Yena joined us. Yena is an old friend that I met also online but on a different website. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl who knows how to party and one of her goals in life was to get me drunk. Well after we left union jacks and went to the Exchange she got her wish. I was plastered as I danced away drinking more Gin but this time at Yena’s suggestion with Juice, which is apparently very Gangsta (I googled it when i got home and its from a Snoop Dog song). I had a fantastic night and I enjoyed partying with Yena which I havent done in quite some time and it was good to have a final night out partying and spending $$$. Finished the night out at the casino where we finished off with $3 Daiquris and a touch more dancing.

Now that Saturday is all over its now back to being more serious with my life. I need to start saving for this trip to the states. My goal is $500 per fortnight (i get paid fortnightly) into my ING savings for my trip to the USA. I have $5k owing on this trip (which i have saved at the moment) and i need about another $6k AUD for spending money (equates to roughly $5k USD). That should be enough $$ to keep me going in the USA for a full month. I am also planning to get back into some more exercise and that means once my leg is no longer so bad will be back to Zone 3 every weekend. For the moment (if my right foot doesnt get any worse) it will be steps and plenty of them. I have 18 steps in the front of the house 10 in the back. So i’ll be doing plenty of steps in the house.

In other news I have had some more info on the Doubletrouble front (see previous post). An old friend from high school (who obviously reads this blog) has sent me some links to their myspace. So messages have been sent and we shall see what happens. Stay tuned. 😀