So i was on my way to work this morning sitting at the station when i run into an old teacher of mine from high school (i have forgotten his name but from here on out we will call him Mr B). So we were chatting about stuff and he lets me know that two girls I went to high school with who i was kinda friends with are now working on tv in Malaysia. I was thinking to myself this afternoon about the old high school days and thought, well if they are anything like most australian TV celebs or shows they would have a myspace. WRONG.

Back to the drawing board. So old faithful. Into google their names go and first hit I get is the MTV Asia boards. I’m like wtf MTV. So i look into it more and apparently they are VJ’s on MTV. Reading through find a podcast and listen to the voices and it sounds very familiar and can hear the kinda voices i remember for high school. I looked everywhere for a contact email or something like that and i was dissapointed to find nothing.

So i went to the contact us part and found the public relations side of MTV Asia. I have now sent them an email to see if I can contact them and say high to some old friends from high school with their new celebrity status. So i will keep my friends up to date of what happens. lets see if BigMal can contact the DoubleTrouble.

btw their link

So I finished reading the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the other day and it is definately an interesting read. It makes you think, What if there is something out there that created the universe that is not the so called “God.” Reading through it they made very good points about how the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and that it was created the way that he thinks we should be and manipulates the earth how he sees fit. I am not in anyway poking fun of the beliefs of others (thats not something a Pastafarian does) but I mean you have to admit they have some good points.

For those that don’t know much about the FSM he is a flying monster made of spaghetti (and two meatballs). He looks down from Heaven on us and any time and when we think that we have proven he does not exist he plays with the results to ensure that we will still believe. Heaven is where the Beer Volcano and Stripper Factory are and when we speak about the FSM we should be wearing the clothing of our prophets the Pirate.

I happen to like this “religion” simply for the fact its something different. Theres no real strict laws or anything to follow other than the 8 “We really rather you didn’ts” or that at least once a month I should be eating Spaghetti and on a friday drink my fair share of Grog and chase some booty like the pirate that I should be (although not so sure about the boat thing).

O for the life of a Pirate with my Parrott on my shoulder and my Grog in my hand, My wench beside me off searching the world for my booty (not that sort of booty.. sickos).

Heh i know i know i have been slack. I sware one day soon someone will come up and slap me till i update. Last weekend was definately something to talk about. I went to the Sydney OCAU Pub Crawl. For anyone who doesnt know what OCAU is, it is one of the largest online communities in Australia. It is a community with a common love of computers. Most people on this website love computers and we do our best to be sociable and not act like nerds or anything.

So anyway I flew down to sydney last friday night, missed out on VH-VBP, one of Virgin Blue’s Live2air aircraft (bastards). Stayed at the Vibe Hotel Sydney and was meant to stay in this lovely room with a King Size bed and spa bath but they ended up upgrading me to a Junior Suite (had a queen size bed and no spa, but a seperate living area). It was a pretty nice room. After spending saturday randomly moving about the city waiting for people i was meant to meet to call me but that never happened so I ended up meeting up with Flora, Erin and Kevin at around 6ish (stupid daylight savings down there is so trippy) for what would be the start of the pub crawl. We had dinner and a drink at the Star Bar in central sydney then caught the train to Circular Quay for the official start at a place called Jacksons on George. As we walked into the pub i saw a sign saying “Polestars in training” i was like damn i like this place (turns out later on they also have a cage for girls to dance in as well which i missed out on seeing). Met a heap of the sydney people who i dont really remember the names of most of them now, stupid alcohol.

After several drinks at Jacksons (tried a Gin and Tonic in a can on the flight down to sydney and it wasn’t bad so i got a real one at jacksons and its DAMN nice) we moved onto The Orient further into the Rocks. It was an ok pub but nothing special i guess. From there we took the big stab at the crawl. Everyone was spouting some ratio crap that they wont let guys in without girls (sure doesnt happen up here in brisbane). We headed for the Lowenbrau Keller. OMG this place is awesome. We have nothing like this in brisbane. Its a german beer house, Steins, Leiderhousen and Om Pa Pah music (i hope i spelt that right). After walking to the bar and seeing this massive line then realising i have no clue what to order i saw a random girl with some form of beer menu so i asked her if i could see it, this in turn ended up becoming a random meet for the night and we ended up talking. Eva and (cant remember his name) were both at the Lowenbrau for a good time and we gonna hit some more pubs as well so I invited them to join us. From the lowenbrau, Myself, Erin, Navillus (daniel), Kevin, Flora and the randoms headed for the Lord Nelson. Trudged along this dark street to the middle of no where to a pub that ended up being closed (turns out lord nelson is a micro brewery so i wish it had been open) and from their trudged back towards the Rocks and up this long steep staircase to a pub called the Glenmore. Trudged up this even longer staircase almost dieing but the time i got to the top and saw this specatcular view of the harbour. Got booted off the rooftop of the glenmore met up with another one of the crawlers (GTX) and headed back to the Circular Quay maccas. From their we headed to the Ship Inn (right next to our Sydney Office) and from their i waited half an hour for a taxi to go back to the hotel).

Twas a good night till the next morning when i woke up and found that it hurt like a sunofabitch to move my right leg. I could walk without to much discomfort but lifting the leg and walking up and down steps was painful. So anyway i got myself home and on monday went to the doctors. At some stage on Saturday night i have pulled my Groin muscle. This is similar to a footballers injury but i have no clue how the hell i did it. So it means a return to Zone is out of the question for a couple of weeks while it heals.

Anyway thats it for today. Brother arrives tommorrow *sigh*