I know its been a while since I updated. I was promptly pointed out today at work by Bianca (happy now) that I should update my website so she has something to read after she finishes work. I did happen to reply I’ve been lazy. But really it is definately laziness. Lately I have just come home from work and just started playing 2142 or watched “TV.”

Last week was very different at the Star Night. I got myself thoroughly trashed, tried not to make a fool of myself infront of the girls from Stella (Nat, Andrea if your reading this and i said or did something stupid you have my sincerist apoligies). I really don’t remember how much beer I drank that night (i think it was 6 schooners in 3 hours) but i do remember the two shots. Last friday night I was out at Blair’s poker night and came home with $35 which was awesome. Tommorrow night will be an experience. My dad is getting presented with his Defence Forces Medal (i think thats the right one) from when he was in the CMF (the old reserves). That’s at Parliment House tommorrow, so after work i have to quickly make my way up to the mall to meet mum and dad and walk up from there.

Friday is Australia day. The day of all things Aussie (or if your sam kekovitch.. lamb lamb and more lamb). It also means that I get a day off work to be slack and do nothing, also the Triple J Hottest 100 (which again i was to lazy to vote in) and also apparently a party. Saturday and Sunday are gonna be huge though. its time for MOTHERLAN! Thats right in soviet russia lan attends you. Which means i spend all of saturday & sunday gaming with 170 other people and just plain enjoying myself. Fragging at its greatest.

Ok ill do a better update after motherlan and a mini review. for now i feel like watching Numb3rs.

When i first started my current Job, a joke was made in training that my computer was my girlfriend.  Well the funny thing is that no matter what i can never fault my pc.

After the last rebuild when Fridge died (last pc was named fridge because when switched on one day the Temp display showed -4°C) the newest PC needed a name.  I usually name my pc’s something around a look or even a quality of the pc.  For this one when i was carrying it, she weighed what felt like a tonne and was a massive case as well almost as big as a cow.  So i felt it was appropriate to name my pc what is a common name for a cow.  Bessie.

Now Bessie is a lovely machine.  She looks sexy in her Termaltake Soprano case with her half nakedness showing thanks to her perspex window which shows just enough of her inside goodies to make any technophile feel happy.  She sits resplendant originally with 2 x 17″ Benq LCD’s.  Sitty their nice and shiny.  Now one of the LCD’s one day decided to have a problem.  So i thought id be a good boyfriend and give Bessie a face lift.  She now sits happily after neatening her insides, fixing the power meter so it actually stays still and then added to that 2 x 20″ Dell Widescreen LCD’s.  These are like giving a girl a boob job so she looks sexy.

But the thing is, spending time with dear old Bessie relax’s me and people look at me wierd when i say I have named my pc.  Thing is, its totally common.  People name their cars why can’t I name my pc without looking like a wierdo?  In today’s world where technology runs rampant and the technophile is no longer looked down upon as a wierdo, why can’t people accept that a computer is not just a tool, it is a piece of your life.  How else can you communicate with friends, family or even randoms on the other side of the world.  Would life not be easier to share photos on the internet with your friends than having to send them endless copies of photos in the post which could possibly get lost on the way.

The more I look at the world of today the happier I am.  I feel like I can be myself more than I used to.  Being a technophile is no longer a dirty word it is something to be proud of.  Sadly i wish i had more of the knowledge towards IT and was able to earn the big $$$ that are in Tech at the moment but that will never happen.

If you want to see a photo of Bessie in all her sexiness go here.