The Xmas parties are over… Thank god!

Weekend after weekend of parties kind of gets to you. Saturday and Sunday were my final two parties of the year. Saturday night was the AOT Holidays party (my work). It was a semi formal affair with cocktail attire required and everyone required to attend at a new venue at the new Portside Complex. Gianni’s at Portside was a wonderful venue overlooking the Brisbane River (albeit the port part of the river). The food was ok, I was getting vegetarian meals for some reason. The booze however was a plenty and by midnight when they started to kick us out I was having a hard time of walking in a straight line at times. But was totally coherent. Took a heap of photos which i will link to at the end of the post.

Sunday was a nasty wake up but slowly got my body into moving about and headed down the coast to spend the day at Casey’s place. Now Casey has a special place in my heart as she was one of my best mates while I worked at dreamworld. We ruled the Wild Thornberries together, causing havoc and mayhem where ever we went. So I got to spend the day catching up with Casey and some of her friends and her family and met the lovely Fiona and her teapot craze! I felt so out of place without a teapot to drink out of. It was a fun day of fun, sillyness and pure random acts.

Ah the fun weekend I have had. I slept like a baby Sunday night after two days of tiring activities.

Photos for the weekend



Well my time working for Spotless Services is finally over.  Last night was my final night working for them at Suncorp Stadium.  At times the stadium was fun but it has just become so meaningless lately.  There is to many issues now at the stadium with being told that you cant do this and so many restrictions.  People think we have it tough at my main job.  You have it easy compared.

Couple of things about working at the stadium that broke the camels back.  The mobile phone rule where I had to confiscate everyones mobile phones and lock them away in the cash tin.  This was to ensure that people did not use their phones during a shift.  A bit extreme.  There was also the new rules in regards to using the multifills (beer pouring machine) where you have to sign away all of your liability to ensure the company does not wear a fine.  Plus add on a specific rule last night that we were not able to sell bottles of water with the lids they had to be confiscated by the staff because they were deemed a weapon by security.

All of that just cumulated on top of the ongoing staffing issues and stress of the year that last night was the last straw.  The concert was LOUD.  I don’t really like Robbie Williams so didn’t pay any attention but everyone was apparently loving it.  Mr Williams is a bit of a diva though.  To satisfy his needs they had to turn off all of the lights in the outlets along level 3 south so that the light did not shine in his eyes from over 100m away.  Cry baby.  This pretty much meant mine was the ONLY bar open on 3 south.  Fun that!  Ran out of wine so many times and Water twice, Soft drink was on and off for the whole time and i spent 20 minutes with no beer.  My area manager was shit even though i was the ONLY outlet she had open for most of the night i NEVER saw her anywhere.  SLACK!  They need a better system.

Anyway i have had enough ranting now for some of the good bits about the Stadium.  I have met so many people at that stadium from all different countries.  Some I still see every now and then outside of work and a lot I don’t.  But working in a Stadium is an experience.  With the end of this job it now end my time in Hospitality.  After working in bars since I was 17 i think it’s about time I gave it up.

Well its that time of the year again. Its december and that usually means Christmas parties. At present so far this month (mind you its only the 7th) I have already had two and i have 4 possibly 5 more to go. What a year i swear. So far I have been to the OCAU Xmas party where a whole heap of us hit Omalleys for dinner and then we headed to Strike for more drinking (where i piked just before midnight). Then the very next day I had lunch with some friends which was a great way to catch up for xmas and to give out some presents.

Coming up this weekend is the BlairBQ Xmas version which will be a good night of food and plenty of people and booze (not for me i have to play Designated Dave). On Sunday I have my Team Xmas party which will be in Captain Burke Park. One little catch though… it could rain. If it does.. I tell you what i wont be going. I’m sure it will be a good day and all but if it rains i’m not getting wet. Bugger that! I have made a special dessert for the day to. Its an old family recipe handed down to me from my dad but I won’t tell you what it is because the girls at work will read this and find out and its a secret 😛

Next week is a big week. Wednesday and Thursday are the Robbie Williams concerts. Can’t wait. Then on Saturday is the big work Xmas party. This should be good because we are going to a place called Gianni’s at Portside. This is apparently a brand new function space run by the same people who run Gianni’s Restaurant in the city. Apparently its a beautiful restaurant. Should be a good night. Then on the Sunday I have to head down to the Gold Coast to spend the day with Casey at her Xmas bbq. Should be a good day if i don’t write myself off the night before as Casey wants to introduce me to a few of her friends.

The only other party after that is a possible OCAU xmas get together at someones place for a BBQ but thats still not official.

Anyway dinner is calling. l8r