GRR im so angry at myself at the moment.  About a month ago I did something to my foot and I have no idea what it was. But it caused me so much pain that i could barely walk.. and now its back again.  Same place, same foot.  I guess i didnt fix it which pisses me off something cronic.  I try so much to make sure that if i screw something up that I dont do it again.  And i fail at it.

I cant believe that i did this to myself again, I dont know what I have done but if I go to the doctor all they will tell me will be “Stay off your foot and rest it.”  Bloody lot of good that will be.  Although I do have plenty of sick leave i can’t afford to take time off and it’s almost impossible to stay off my foot.  So i suck it up and deal with it… But it still causes frustration in my life.

Ok enough emo and complaining.  I’m home alone at the moment and it is great, cooking for myself is always a joy but cleaning for myself is CRAP!  I have always hated cleaning, especially washing dishes.  It probably stems back from when i was in high school and was paid VERY VERY little (read almost $5 an hour) to wash dishes as a part time job.  I was ok with it to start with… but grew to HATE it.  I still despise washing dishes and will avoid it at all times.  However there is a contradiction in that.  I hate a dirty kitchen. It drives me nuts!  I can’t stand working in a dirty cluttered kitchen and I know that stems from when I was at tafe and was doing my kitchen training.  They really drilled Mise En Place into you.  Mise En Place means in its place.  Everything must be in its place before you start, while your cooking and when your finished.

Anyway i have dreadful dishes to do, luckily there is only two pots to do because of the best invention in the world.  The Dishwasher..


So while i was in sydney last weekend for some family stuff I ended up spending a few hours at the Esky Bar in Sydney. For those that don’t know, and i’m assuming its pretty much everyone, The Esky bar is at the Sydney International Terminal and it is part of their observation deck. It’s right up the top of the terminal overlooking the runway. Great spot for some photos. Sydney gets a lot of planes we don’t get up here so this was my first chance to finally enjoy what a lot of people rave about. I wasn’t really going to head to Sydney for the annual spotters weekend in February. When i got up to the esky bar.. my mind changed.

During the time i was up there i got photos of the following:
* Virgin Atlantic A340-600
* Austrian 777?
* Lan Chile A340
* British Airways 747-400
* Thai 747-400
* Singapore Airlines 747-400
* Rex Saab 340
* Air NZ Star Alliance A320.

All in all it was a good couple of hours. I was very very happy with the spotting at sydney. I am now considering heading down for the spotters weekend. Trying out the different locations, enjoying myself for a couple of days. Who knows.. might even get some photos i could possibly sell.. HAH yeah right.

*edit* I was convinced by Michelle to upload some pics so here they are. Please note they are not touched up straight from the camera. Here