With the last arrival of my trip digital toys, I thought it was about time I finally posted about all the things I have been alluding to over the last few weeks. For the upcoming big trip I decided I would do some upgrading since I was already spending a fairly sizable chunk of $$$ what’s a little bit more gonna do to that budget.

So I set about looking at different options. For months I sat their pondering, looking at options, over and over again. Do I get this, do I get that, jeez what do I do!. I was looking at 2 different products though, going over and over the different options. So lets look at them separately.

The first of the toys is the my new Pretty Digital SLR:

Pentax K7

My old digital SLR had nothing wrong with it, it was just way outdated. Its an old Pentax K10D. About 3 years old for me, maybe even older, but hell, I had used and abused that puppy during that time. I bought it 2nd hand so when I had it, it already had 5000 actuations on it. I put another 10-15,000 ontop of that in that time. She was showing her age. With the upcoming trip I had so many different options to get a new camera. I was looking at changing to a rival system (Canon or Nikon) but that would mean replacing essentially everything I own. Lenses, batteries, accessories, everything. Then there was upgrading to a new pentax, which would be cheaper in the long run but also have its disadvantages.

After much to and fro for weeks, looking at pricing, options, system specs, lens specs, different websites, in the end I ended up going with purchasing a new Pentax K7 from DWI. These guys are an Australian based “Grey” importer. Essentially they import cameras direct from Hong Kong where it is cheaper and that way, dodge GST and the stupid Aussie mark ups. This meant that since I was avoiding GST, I could buy it before the 30 day mark required for the TRS scheme. Awesome++ but then the camera got held in customs, then half the shipment was out of stock, then I had to go off to STARS and WA so the camera has laid dormant for weeks.

In the end the K7 was such a good choice, I love the thing. The shots are sharp and clear and the grip arrived today just in time for the trip. I was also looking at some batteries for the camera as extra’s as I never rely on just 1 battery. I could pick up batteries for $120 each locally. Or $20 each from New York and then about $60 in shipping. Well I wonder which way I went! Plus I conned dad into getting stuff in the same buy, so split my shipping in half. Throw in about 4 new memory cards and Mal is set!

2nd up is my new Tablet

Kogan Agoda Tablet

I had been tossing up for a while what to do with this tablet. I had been to and fro looking at Kindles or Tablets and wondering just what to do. Then one day I was trolling one of the websites I frequent and they said that there was a release of a new Android Tablet, pretty basic for $135. This was pretty much the same price as the item I was leaning towards. I was leaning towards buying an Amazon Kindle. It’s just an Ebook Reader. But with the tablet, even with a pretty low spec one, would be able to do more than what the Kindle could, and hell I could get the same Ebooks as there is a Kindle App for android! WIN!!!

$135 spent. Then comes the wait of almost 2 months while it is manufactured (Kogan the company that makes it, manufactures once the whole batch is sold keeping costs lower etc). It’s a pretty sweet little tablet, it will come in handy well while travelling, as its light and I don’t need to carry a million books with me. So the tablet is set.

Last up is my new Point and Shoot

Canon Ixus 220HS

I ended up going for a bit of an impulse and purchased a new Canon Ixus 220HS. I love these little Ixus camera’s and it was an easy choice. Full HD video, good quality photos, small, compact, metal body, not to much bigger than the one I have now but with lots of little bits and pieces extra. This camera was purely an impulse buy. I was originally going to buy from Officeworks and add in a few extra bits and pieces to get the total price of the receipt over $300 but couldn’t get it to work due to them being out of stock of some parts.

Ended up going to Dick Smith and getting lots of QF points, plus a double dip for Everyday Rewards, plus Amex was running a $50 cash back if I spent over $250 at Dick Smith. Win, Win & Win. Plus I get my tax back on the way out of the country. Win again!! Gotta love it. They even managed to bring the price down lower than what they were selling it by about $70 while still keeping my receipt over $300. Gotta love negotiating.

So all up I will be carrying the following tech with me on my trip:

Smartphone, Netbook, Tablet, 3 Cameras (SLR, Canon P&S, Waterproof Panasonic), 2 ipods (my normal ipod and my shuffle for running) plus all the bits and pieces that go with it, chargers, cables, batteries, memory cards, hard drives. My Camera bag will be weighed down that’s for sure!

The geek in me has been creeping out this last week. I have been reading more and more of the usual nerd stuff (wired is getting back into my life) like games, tech etc. And then after merely going to buy an Ipod shuffle for running I walked out carrying a 2TB (thats Terabyte) external hard drive, 500GB portable hard drive and had my eyes set on a little thing to make my life easier with all those *cough*downloaded*cough* shows.

So then i looked at it. Why hide this part of me? I like being a geek. I am happy being a geek. So why hide it from people, I am all about lately changing the old Mal and showing a new side. But why hide what is essentially a big portion of who I am. Why change that. I love my games, i love planes & travelling. I love technology. Learning about it, living with it. I am still someone who loves to be connected and I am an utter media junkie. One of the websites I go to at work when I am not doing anything or stuck or just want a few minutes of switch off time, is straight to Brisbane Times. It’s the local online news media (no way would I ever use news.com.au).

But today it took the cake for me. I purchased this. It’s essentially a mini media pc about the size of a Wallet. Into the side you plug your USB hard drive (either a nice big chunky external or a nice little portable drive) and instant media pc. It won’t play Hi Def but then I don’t have a lot of stuff that is in Hi Def. The old portable hard drive I had is now serving its place plugged into the side and can easily be topped up now. What an awesome purchase.

Also i picked up a copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 in the hopes that I can get myself back into gaming. I used to love all the games and the last one I really played was TF2. But Bad Company 2 looks good and I used to love playing Battlefield way back when. Back into it i go!

Anyway i best do some stuff before Steam finishes updating… yay!

So yesterday i got to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I was quite suprised at how BAD it was. I mean it was ok up until the part where the aliens came into it. I mean WTF. Aliens! Come on now! George Lucas who wrote the Indiana Jones movies must of been smoking some really strong pot that day. Who really wants to see an Indiana Jones movie based on Aliens. Its just silly.

Its an entertaining movie I will give you that, and the people who gave me tickets are fantastic for putting it on, but that movie was just pure crap. I had heard mixed stories saying good and bad but it just got stupid. So stupid by the end of it, I was just disgusted! I couldn’t handle the crapness of it!

In other parts of my life not ranting about crap movies, Last weekend was the first Lanvictims for ages. It was a great day, got to play a heap of games and particularly the new Source Mod, Zombie Master. It was a fun game with lots of yelling at each other! Had a great time! Anyway time for me to get a shake on this morning, need to go pick up my photos for the RNA this year. Will post more about them later 😀

So a couple of weeks ago I received a Think Geek care package. Inside was some random stuff. A Little metal Bender figurine, My “I See Fragged People” band, some hazardous waste lunchboxes and a book that I had wanted to read for a while. The Zombie Survival Guide. Not really like any book I usually read. This book seems to be semi serious & semi comedy. It’s hard to tell exactly which one it is but it is a good read. Zombies, Pirates and Ninjas’s seem to be a staple for the internet community. Ninjas and Pirates are always constantly being fought over which one is better but Zombies is like this endless topic that everyone knows about. So I decided to get the book and read it.

The book is full of so much information pertaining to how zombies arise, where they came from, the different sorts of outbreaks and also how to deal with an outbreak. The book goes into quite a bit of detail about the ways to escape zombies but also how to hunt zombies and ways to dispense with zombies. I’m enjoying it immensly.

Bessie has also had a good day today. I pulled her open today, gave her insides a good cleaning and swapped out some old parts and put in some flashy new ones. Enough of the suspect female references. Put a new Video Card and some ram into the PC today. 4 x 1GB DDR2 667 DIMMS today along with an Asus EN6800GT 512MB Video Card. She is working sweet right now I tell you what. Battlefield runs like a wet dream. So smooth and loads UBER fast compared to what it used to. Love it! Bessie wont need a good update for a while now (till the CPU’s get a decent update in speed but till then, she can sit and relax for a while).

not a very exciting weekend this weekend but I might be heading to the airport tommorrow to get a shot of “pinkie” which is Qantaslink’s new Dash 8-Q400 painted half pink. Work is not doing to bad however my co worker (there are only 2 of us in groups) has decided she is going to resign so it means I will be on my own for a while. DAMMIT! Hopefully they hire soon!